Jennifer Love Hewitt Strips on Top of a Warehouse For ‘The Client List’

Jennifer Love Hewitt I'm a womanTo remind everyone that her last name alphabetically comes before “Lopez,” “Lawrence” and “Hudson,” Jennifer Love Hewitt filmed a very steamy promo/music video for season 2 of The Client List. 

Oh how this brings me back to 1999, when Hugetits could sustain a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 by throwing on a wifebeater and propping herself up next to a car after not washing her hair for six days. I’m talking about the video for her song “How Do I Deal,” of course. Like Tyra Banks and Heidi Montag, J-Love has always kept a music career in her back pocket. (Her songs were only slightly more ear friendly, in a LeAnn-Rimes-on-the-Coyote Ugly-soundtrack sort of way.) 

Hewitt actually wears less clothes now than she did in her I Know What You Did in a Jamaican Tanning Booth days. But, if ever you feel the emotion known as surprise over her current TV role as a handjob-giving single mother in a nightgown, keep in mind that she was once in a movie about a guy who couldn’t find a condom.

P.S. Due to flow issues (not the kind you’re thinking), it’s too bad “woman” isn’t spelled w-o-a-m.

P.P.S. Did she just say she can make a dress out of a feed bag? Girrrrlll, put that sh*t on Etsy.

Fiona Apple, eat your heart out.

4 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Strips on Top of a Warehouse For ‘The Client List’

  1. It’s not striping—the word has two p’s—stripping. Ya gotta spell it right to enjoy it, sez I, the elderly retired editor.


  2. That is not striping. What you see is the equivalent of Black rectangle being persistent in saying the same message over and over saying those parts are bad. To call them bad is to call yourself bad because you came from, and were feed by those parts that are concealed from our view. The devil in a soul that dies is repulsed by the parts God made not wanting to view them. The devious, deceptive, deviant devil deceives people with the word strip when she is not striped at all.


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