George Bush Hacker Leaks Dubya Bath and Shower Pics

george bush painting Did I say “bath and shower” pics? Because I mean drawings. Sorry, sickos. To the left is an actual photo of George Bush THE ARTIST.

Naked George Jr. by camera may be more “valuable” in terms of Google searches and common perverse curiosity, but you and I both know that a self-portrait of him soaking his feet in the tub is somehow priceless.

This is the result of a hacker (thus the giant “Guccif[er]” logo, though I think “Bushwhacker” is way better) who leaked the content of the entire family’s phones and email accounts.

Let go of your past feelings. That whole worst president of all time who made up words, aimed his bellows at the recession and “forgot” the people of New Orleans thing. Ancient history.

Just breathe and behold these gems, sent to Laura Bush, from her beer-guzzling brother:
George bush bath paintinggeorge bush shower painting
Hitler was a pretty good painter too, but who would you rather spend time with?

One thought on “George Bush Hacker Leaks Dubya Bath and Shower Pics

  1. The devil wants perverse to be as it is written in this article. Study this: you will find that religions lied about perverse, and other words as well.

    Defiled, 4 verses, abominable 11 things, perverted,15 verses, naughty, 5 verses. All are not what religions have taught, Jam:1 20 – 21, Pro: 6:12, Pro: 17: 4, Jer: 24,2, Sam: 17,28, zero about any sex or nudity. Pro: 17:23, Pro: 15 4, Job 6 – 30, Pro: 12 -8, Isa: 30 -12, 1 Tim: 6 -5, Deut: 16 -19, Job 8 -3, Jer: 23 -36, Gal: 1 -7, Ecc:, 5 -8, Mic: 3 -9, Pro: 19 1, Pro: 4 24, Pro: 3, 32, Pro: 12; 22, Pro: 20 :10, Pro: 6;16, Heb: 12:15: Isa: 59 -3, Mat: 15 – 11, Mark, 7 – 15, Mark 13:14.


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