One Direction Ruin Blondie and The Undertones in One Fell Swoop

Harry Styles one way or anotherArizona is frozen, Australia is burning, it’s raining spiders in Brazil, there’s snow on the beaches of Croatia, a 10,000 ton meteor hit Russia and One Direction did a mash-up of “One Way Or Another” and “Teenage Kicks.”

Taylor Swift’s babyfaced ex singing not one but two iconic new wave songs written about 20 years before he was born has to be the most frightening sign of the coming apocalypse. (Though maybe he relates to that whole being stalked theme?)

I remember Glee and Angelica from The Rugrats ruining “One Way Or Another” on separate occasions. And dwarfy Billie Joe Armstrong didn’t have to squat too low for The Undertones’ classic… But this is a goddamn musical snuff double feature!

The boys of 1D would say they strapped on red clown noses because they’re donating money to the UK outreach charity Comic Relief, but really they’re symbolic of just how much excrement can be pumped into Deborah Harry’s nostrils before she keels over.

I think I just saw the corpse of CBGB founder Hilly Kristal walking down the street, grunting about brains and cheap flights to London.
liam payne one way or anotherThis be muh punk face.

3 thoughts on “One Direction Ruin Blondie and The Undertones in One Fell Swoop

  1. Are you being serious, they are raising money for a great charity and all you can say is that they are performing songs from before they were born!? That is just stupid, there is real problems out in the world, report on those.


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