Joe Manganiello’s Giant Extremities Turn Sharon Osbourne to Mush

joe manganiello handsSome boys can’t keep their cool around Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, and some girls fall to pieces in the presence of 6’5″ werewolf strippers.

I’m referring to Sharon Osbourne’s wandering eye during a sit-down on The Talk with True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello.

As Joe explained his storyline on season 6 and the time he decided to accept the role in Magic Mike because of his What to Expect When You’re Expecting co-star Chris Rock, a visibly distracted Sharon fondled his enormous hands.

“Look at these hands, look how big they are…. You have big feet too,” she screeched. 
Joe Manganiello The Talk
Later, during a game called “Joe Vs. Mrs. O Stripdown Showdown,” Sharon purposefully lost an Ozzy Osbourne trivia game so she could take her shirt off and press her implants against his leg.
Sharon Osbourne boobs
joe manganiello shoe size

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