AMC’s ‘Immortalized’ is the Stuff of Nightmares

Immortalized taxidermy
AMC has come a long way since the days of purely spaghetti western and Halloween movie programming. Alas, their recent foray into reality television is sending them in the other direction.

The leaps and bounds of original shows like Mad Men and The Walking Dead might make up for crap like Freakshow and Comic Book Men, but can they take enough steps forward to exonerate a new taxidermy competition show?

On Thursdays, AMC airs Immortalized, where a group of individuals are showcased for their ability to sew dead animals together in a unique and artistic way. Gross, right?

In episode three, “Immortalizer” Takeshi Yamada presents the judges panel (consisting of comedian Brian Posehn, for some reason) with a goat’s body with five demonic fox heads. Yamada is the operator of a “Freak Baby Museum” in Coney Island who peels off his own skin for fun:

Some of the time I peel off my own skin and I save it. I’ve done this for multiple years. I used to keep all my nails and hair. When my eyebrow hairs get long I just tweeze them out and save them. When some of the nose hairs sticking out, I save them. When nails chipping off, I save them. The same way that I save my peeled off skin, naturally.

I’ve heard of that. It’s called Dermatillomania. Nice that he’s been able to incorporate it in his art. To each his own. I just do not personally enjoy taxidermy or hunting…

Judes Paul Rhymer, Catherine Coan, and Brian Posehn deliberate
Judges Paul Rhymer, Catherine Coan, and Brian Posehn deliberate in Episode 103: “The Odyssey”

As a child, I would not enter a room if it was full of elk heads and stuffed wolves. Is that not normal?

168 thoughts on “AMC’s ‘Immortalized’ is the Stuff of Nightmares

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  2. IMMORTALIZED Episode 3 (February 28, 2013) was a truly enjoyable competition between Dr. Takeshi Yamada and commercial taxidermist with 32 year of experience, Mike. Takeshi created and displayed the VERY IMPRESSIVE five-headed winged furry devil monster and flying dragons circling around it in the mid air, with giant hand-painted backdrop of the burning Hell. I have never seen anything like this before! Awesome! He also said he used his saliva, blood and peeled skin for these artwork, which made them his genetically connected babies. What a guy! The challenger Mike displayed his pretty painted fiberglass fish (he bought those blank fiberglass forms at a local taxidermy supply store) displayed on the ruin of the ancient palace. It was pretty but looked like the “ruin of Ikea” store just as one of the Judges said to him. I felt sorry to hear that Takeshi’s house was destroyed by the Hurricane Sandy and he had to stay at his hobbit for finishing up this artwork for the TV show. I think the heroic and powerful mood of Takeshi’s artwork really reflect his monstrous and powerful spirit even under such circumstance. Also, just like one of the Judges said, I wish the Challenger Mike had used real fish skins for his artwork because this is a taxidermy competition show after all. What did he thinking?! Takeshi won with the really high score of 86 (only 4 point from the perfect score of 90) against Challenger Mike’s very low score of 59. Takeshi was truly victorious! As an artist and a stage performer, Takeshi won really big for the episode 3! Congratulations to Takeshi! Shazam!

    PS. I also love how Takeshi matched the bright red color of his silky pocket square to the same bright red color of the burning sky and ground of the Hell he painted for the backdrop. I wish more men wear tuxedo and top hat properly like Takeshi.


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