Trailer: The Bling Ring

A photo of Emma Watson in character for The Bling Ring surfaced nearly a year ago. In a new teaser for the movie about the infamous group of Cali teens who almost got away with ripping off celebs like Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan, Watson parties, drinks and makes provocative faces.

This is still worlds apart from, say, the bikini string-thing plot of Spring Breakers, where Disney stars like Vanessa Hudgens prance around naked for unproven director Harmony Korine. 
The Bling Ring cast
At least Watson’s version of breaking away from her good-girl image involves critically acclaimed director Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette), not to mention co-stars Taissa Farmiga and Leslie Mann.

Mann plays Watson’s mother, based on crazy-eyed former playmate and ordained minister Andrea Arlington. If you haven’t seen the E! reality show Pretty Wild, about real-life thief Alexis Neiers (who notoriously “fell in with the wrong people”) and her two sisters, I suggest Netflixing.
Emma Watson Bling Ring
After seeing the above photo of Emma in the pink sweatsuit, Neiers wrote that she “would never wear that.” Later she did damage control, with the statement:

It has been a blessing to work with Mrs Coppola & I’m still in shock that Emma is playing me. I am sure she will be fantastic.

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