Actor Michael Kearns Talks Gay Encounter With Rock Hudson (and Barry Manilow?)

Michael Kearns Howard SternActor, playwright, author and director Michael Kearns told Howard Stern on Monday that he had sex with Rock Hudson and a still-living mystery man who he would not name, but I, and other Stern fans believe to be Barry Manilow.

HIV-positive Kearns, who starred with Valerie Harper in The Execution and Making of a Male Model with Joan Collins, came out in the early 70’s and is the first actor to do so.

In the interview, he described a one-time oral dalliance with Hudson in a bathhouse called Brooks Baths. Starting with, “You know who had a big penis? I mean huge… Rock Hudson,” he went on to say the following about the famous star of Giant and Pillow Talk:

I thought to myself while we were in the standing up position, making out, with his big d*ck, I thought ‘Why aren’t we going to his mansion?’ It was very degrading.

This is not the first time Kearns talked about his connection to Hudson. He even wrote and acted in a play about it, called Rock.

It may however, be the first time he discussed his romance with a famous “barely living” musician who he said had a hip replacement and was not openly gay but is “like Liberace.”

Robin [Quivers] guessed that he was talking about Barry Manilow (giving only the initials “BM”). Howard learned who Kearns was talking about after writing down the name of the person on a piece of paper and said “BM” was incorrect. (We all know that trick.)

Manilow, the more obvious choice, had hip surgery but not a replacement in December, 2011. Billy Joel, who fans guessed most after Manilow in a forum, had a double hip replacement in 2010.

What do you think?

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