Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Can’t Hold Us”

Seth Green look-alike Macklemore, known to his friends back at Evergreen State College as Ben Haggerty, bounces and raises his arms like the ceiling is too low for his ego in the long-awaited video for “Can’t Hold Us.” There really should be some sort of background check you have to pass in order to become a rapper.

Like you have to have more than just an OxyContin addiction and a copy of Illmatic… 

This might prevent TERRIBLE lyricists like him from getting a record label. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I have more of a problem with this than LMFAO or Ke$ha…
Macklemore motorcycle
There’s just something so pretentious and dishonest about Macklemore & Lewis acting like they’re part of the underground hip-hop scene. Especially when artists and groups like Theophilus London, Solange, Big Boi and The Knux are making better music that isn’t on the radio.
Macklemore Can't Hold us
“Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us” would be nothing without guest vocals from Wanz and Ray Dalton.

One thought on “Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Can’t Hold Us”

  1. I Saw them in Rochester a year ago and they sounded so good. I was surprised they hadn’t made it, well the creame de la creame rises up.


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