That One Guy From Ace Of Base was in a Nazi Band but he Regrets it now so it’s Okay

Ace of Base naziHardcore Ace of Base fans and casual listeners may or may not have heard the rumors about songwriter/vocalist Ulf “Buddha” Ekberg.

Ekberg, the weird guy who rap-talks in “Don’t Turn Around” in that way that only men of the ’90s could (also a judge on Swedish Idol in 2009), was long thought to have been in some sort of skinhead band in Sweden during his youth.

Even though he denounced those views in 1997, a recent article with pictures of him doing a Nazi salute and disturbing lyrics from a song by his former band, Commit Suicide, has caused him to released a statement clarifying that he deeply regrets spending time with certain individuals in the ’80s.

“I’m truly deeply sorry for any hurt and disappointment this has caused for our fans,” he said in a statement to Huffington Post. “I want to be very clear that Ace of Base never shared any of these opinions and strongly oppose all extremist opinions on both the right and left wing.” 

Yay! I can finally rest easy knowing that three-fourths of AOB never heiled Hitler.

In case you’re wondering what the lyrics to that awful Ku Klux Klan music were:

Men in white hoods march down the road, we enjoy ourselves when we’re sawing off ni**ers’ heads/ Immigrant, we hate you! Out, out, out, out! Nordic people, wake up now! Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!

Alright. I’m scratching his face out of the cover photo on The Bridge. All’s well.

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