Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are Done, Over, Finita etc.

Robert Pattinson moving outRobert Pattinson stuffed his favorite grease-stained band tees, guitar picks and biscuits into some Glad trash bags and drove his beard and dogs away from Kristen Stewart’s home in Los Feliz.

(The Spanish-to-English translation of Los Feliz is “The Happy.” Ironic huh?)

Nobody knows exactly why these two split up for the second or third or bajillionth time, but everyone likes to guess. If a bird poops in the air enough he’s bound to hit his target (human female hair) eventually, right?

Certain TMZ employees (and maybe other randoms) think they only got back together for publicity and are splitting now because Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out on DVD. That theory is terrible because the movie came out two months ago.

Others aren’t sure if he was actually moving out or just taking some crap to Goodwill… 

Robert Pattinson's worldly possessions, crammed into white kitchen bags
Robert Pattinson’s worldly possessions, crammed into sloppy white kitchen bags with familiar red ties

I definitely spot a moldy suitcase and bicycle in the mix, and who puts their dogs in a truck that’s already full unless they’re running away from their girlfriend?

Us Weekly sources say Rob always “brings up” and hangs the cheating scandal over K-Stew’s head + something about it not being the “right thing for either of them right now.”

This is Kristen Stewart's "I'm so happy to be single face," apparently
This is Kristen Stewart’s “I’m so happy to be single face,” apparently

Obviously there’s trouble in paradise anytime they’re seen outside without each other.

One thought on “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are Done, Over, Finita etc.

  1. Wow you would think he cold afford a razor and a better car that was not all scratched up, that truck looks like its all chipping….. as in the paint.


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