A$AP Rocky Becomes First Man in History to be Mean to an Australian

asap rocky middle fingerWell, it appears that A$AP Rocky has a fucking problem.

During his recent show in Sydney this past Friday, a female fan was swooning over A$AP and trying to score a kiss–hoping he’d deliver so that she could tell the story to her grandchildren.  He decided to take the reasonable route and slap her across the face.

Granted, this girl was hitting him on the head pretty hard trying to get his attention, which was probably really annoying.  And it’s not like he’s going to kiss every wasted fashion killa that begs him for a kiss.  She clearly got a little too wild for the night, and stopped being polite.  But wow, that was straight up demeaning–and it clearly freaked the hell out of the her.

It’s a serious smack in the face the be a fan of an artist only to have him lash out at you during a show that you paid money to attend, and crawled your way up front to see.  And while it’s a little hard to believe he would actually pull that in the constantly recording, never-ending Vine video that is our world, it’s not the first time he and his “mob” have gotten violent.  Or the second.

Have you met an Australian person?  They’re the nicest, chillest people on Earth.

They graduate high school and travel the world for a year, just because.  They surf and eat Vegemite and drink lots of beer, because they’re Australia and they don’t give a fuck.  Seriously, when’s the last time Australia was involved in a global conflict?  Never, because they’re too busy–throwing rad parties and riding around on kangaroos and doing whatever the fuck else they do–to worry about silly things like war.  And apparently they love A$AP Rocky.  And he slaps them.

Not cool, mate.

What do you think?

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