Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers Teaming Up Again

Nile Rodgers of Chic in ManchesterGood news for hardcore Daft Punk fans, and also people who just heard of them for the first time recently when “Get Lucky” was released. So everyone. Just…everyone listen.

The robots have more awesomeness to send our way, and it’s in collaboration with none other than “Get Lucky” partner Nile Rodgers. This time, however, Rodgers is bringing Daft Punk on board with him, and featuring the electronic duo on some upcoming material.

Recently, Rodgers came across some unfinished and unreleased tapes from his band Chic, as well as some solo work, in the Warner Music Library.

He plans on finishing and releasing the content even though he’s 60 now, because he’s fucking rad like that, and he’s asked Daft Punk to work with him. Currently, the duo has agreed to at least one song, and I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to more. 

“Get Lucky” has undoubtably become the song of the summer, and it’s launched Daft Punk to a new level of mainstream. You can even purchase “Get Lucky” condoms, like Diplo did. I’m planning on buying a year supply (one 3-pack).

But what’s actually awesome here is the fact that Rodgers is releasing stuff we haven’t yet heard. You may very well have never heard his name before “Get Lucky”, but you were probably conceived to his music. Just let Buzzfeed explain. Buzzfeed explains everything now. I don’t even know how I have a writing job.

Nile can’t wait to work with the robots again, “because they respect the music. They understand.”

Gosh, they sure do, Nile. And so do you. Make our ears feel good.

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