Video: Bruno Mars – “Gorilla”

Finally, a video to match the Bruno Mars song that impregnated you last December, nearly nine months ago (eek). In “Gorilla,” Bruno goes to a stripclub and sings to and about a woman who is so hot that when she tears off her blouse and exposes her sides and bare arms, sparks fly from the ceiling.
Bruno Mars gorilla still car
Her skills on the pole and in the back of a car are unrivaled and her personality is like a pumpkin left on a porch in a damp climate a multitude of weeks after Halloween. Oh, wait…  
Bruno Mars gorilla still
Mars enlists the help of character actor Luis Guzmán and Slumdog Millionaire beauty Freida Pinto in this animalistic ode to sweaty fun times.

CLICK HERE for his performance of the song at the VMAs, in case you forgot who the father was again.
Bruno mars stripper gorilla
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