Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [12-19-13]

Rihanna visits Eminem’s not-so-distant past in new “The Monster” video. (Mashable)

Illinois basketball coach talks about snipers and fake orgasms in epic post-game rant. (Deadspin)

Shia LaBeouf knows he “f*cked up” by stealing material for his short film. (Gawker)

Rock star Ian Watkins thinks gruesome sex crimes are funny. (Stereogum)

Pippa Middleton (Kate’s big-bootied sister) might be engaged. (NY Daily News)

Who looks more like a male version of Justin Bieber every day? …Miley Cyrus! (Us Weekly)

Paul Rudd will have super strength and communicate with insects as Marvel’s Ant-Man. (Variety)

What do you think?

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