Howard Stern Doesn’t Think Natalia Kills Should Have Been Fired

Natalia Kills Howard SternAmerican’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern has weighed in on the Natalia Kills / Willy Moon firing over at The X Factor New Zealand.

Like the rest of the United States, Stern and Robin Quivers barely knew who Natalia was (Quivers accidentally called her “Natalie”). Stern thought Natalia and her husband went too far, but didn’t agree with them being fired because “they asked for her opinion.”

“They were outrageous,” Stern said. “They made a personal attack on a guy who didn’t deserve it. I felt the two judges were just a**holes.” 

In the televised clip, Kills called contestant Joe Irvine “disgusting,” “artistically atrocious” and a “laughing stock” for copying Moon’s super unique look of slicked back hair and a suit (basically everyone on American Idol and The Voice).

Irvine took the comments with a grain of salt, jokingly asking Kills if she copied Cleopatra and graciously saying “Thank you Natalia, you’re beautiful.”

“I don’t agree with them firing her,” the shock jock continued. “They asked for her opinion, and she gave it to them. It’s her opinion, if she’s a judge, that’s it.”

“[In] this world of ours, everyone gets fired for being a little outrageous,” he said, adding that he’s never felt “hatred” for anyone who auditioned for AGT.


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