You Openly Hate The Kardashians Because You Secretly Hate Yourself

Kardashian family 2015 I’m sick of hearing the world complain about Kanye West appearances, Caitlyn Jenner‘s Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs and Kim Kardashian‘s Rolling Stone cover.

It’s starting to sound a lot like jealousy.

Bored trolls have taken it upon themselves to take a massive exploding dump all over everything this family accomplishes, and yes, most of their “accomplishments” are not exactly game-changers, but acting like Kim’s selfies are kickstarting the apocalypse isn’t exactly convincing anyone that you’re any more deserving of a working pair of lungs and oxygen than she is. 

I don’t consider any of them role models, but hating them really needs to stop being the internet’s full-time hobby. You dislike Kanye’s egomania so much that you don’t think he should be allowed to play at big festivals? Kendall Jenner was handed her modeling career? Kim’s 2003 sex tape is the only reason her and her sisters are famous? Rich, non-humanitarian celebrities are easy targets. You think you can’t relate to them because they wipe with Ferrari receipts, but you’re wrong.

Sinead O’Connor is in the news for calling Kim a cunt, but she also hasn’t had a number one single in the U.S. since 1990.

The sheer number of Jenner and Kardashians roaming the earth makes it nearly impossible to not identify with at least one of them.

Khloe’s DUI and body image issue, Kim’s obsession with herself, Caitlyn’s lifelong struggle with her sexual identity, Kris Jenner‘s overbearing personality, Scott Disick’s cheating, alcoholism and barely-there parenting techniques… Did you ever stop and think about where your need to criticize people who are not causing unforgivable harm to anyone but themselves and their inner circle comes from?

This picture of Caitlyn Jenner is everything
Caitlyn Jenner  in ‘Transphobic America’s Horror Story’

They all represent the things we hate about ourselves. They’re annoying at times, but are they any more annoying and flawed than your real-life friends? Are you and your family “better” than them? If you answered yes, you’re the problem.

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