Stacey Dash Could Never Be The Black Ann Coulter

stacey dash 2016 beautifulFox news contributor Stacey Dash shifted her way into the headlines yesterday by way of comedian Anthony Anderson, who called her “Ann Coulter dipped in butterscotch.”

Was it funny? Yes. But was it true? No. Dash is not the black Ann Coulter, because Ann Coulter is hideous never contributed anything positive to society besides the inspiration for Henry Rollins’ sweet fascist concubine tirade. But this isn’t about Anderson or Rollins, it’s about Stacey Dash being alright in my book because she’s harmless and co-starred in one of the most memorable films of all time. 

Perhaps Anderson is not privy to the common knowledge that all the stars of Clueless — notably memorable for having feminist undercurrents but being carefully disguised as a valley girl comedy and introducing us to Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy — are exempt from criticism?

Is Dash — with her deep dislike for Obama — a menace to black society? No, she’s merely a Republican actress. A more intelligent, less extremist Victoria Jackson, who is often called an idiot instead of a detriment to white society even though she totally is.

Control freaks who believe everyone should share the same views as you can sleep easy knowing that current Stacey Dash is actually a figment of their imaginations. Unfollow her on Twitter, resist the urge to watch Fox News, squash your judgments, and accept 1995 Dionne Davenport and Cher Horowitz as your two true lords and saviors.


P.S. I’m not just saying this because I would totally tap it.

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