Did Bill Cosby Drug Everyone In The ‘Famous’ Video?

Bill cosby drugged everyone in famous video
George Bush, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian-West, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby

Congratulations to Kanye West on his moderately effective ploy for attention in his new video, which features nude (from the waist-up) versions of family, friends and controversial figures.

One of those figures is Bill Cosby, naked in bed with a bunch of groggy ass people that he clearly drugged. How unsurprised would we all be if that was the hidden message? It’s in poor taste and insanely offensive, Kanye’s favorite things in life besides being suffocated by bulging Armenian spheres.

Now, onto the topic of West BEGGING to be sued.

kanye west sue me twitter

Seven of the twelve celebrities in the Tidal exclusive for “Famous” (watch HERE) are close with him in one way or another, leaving George Bush (far left), Donald Trump (third from left), Ray J (fourth from right) and Cosby (far right) as main contenders to freak out over their likenesses being used in the video.

Kanye threw gasoline on the ego whore fire by tweeting “Can somebody sue me already #I’llWait” to his followers, but I’m not buying that he didn’t warn any of them in advance or that Kim, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna and Chris Brown weren’t subjected to hours of being slathered in wax and/or plaster for body molds. And which unlucky bastards in the wax body mold making industry had to draw straws over this half hot, half creepy sack of winners and losers?


If someone like Taylor Swift  whose relationship with West over the years has gone from tumultuous to tepid at-best — does decide to sue, it’s not like Kanye can’t just borrow a money from his wife (wax ain’t cheap).

How hilarious would it be if he didn’t tell any of them they were about to be butt ass naked in a Last Supper-style orgy?

Especially in the case of Rihanna, who lends vocals to the song and already doesn’t seem to realize that West is just doing this because he was jealous of “Work,” along with “Hotline Bling” and Lemonade.

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