For $200, Brett Favre’s Pubes Are A Steal

A Craigslist listing in Minneapolis, Minnesota posted at 11:05 a.m. on September 11 was looking for a buyer interested in NFL legend Brett Favre’s pubic hair for $200.

The seller claimed, in a quite convincing tale, to be the brother of a Vikings equipment manager who took them out of Favre’s jock strap in 2009, two years before he announced his retirement.

The ad has since been flagged for removal by grumpy sticklers or Green Bay fans (the post specifically states that “they are not going to a Green Bay fan”) but I you can still read it in its entirety below.  Continue reading “For $200, Brett Favre’s Pubes Are A Steal”

This guy REALLY Likes Halo

July 25th 2011, on the surprisingly educational/entertaining History Channel show Pawn Stars, a man brought in a custom-made master chief suit and model assault rifle from the video game Halo.

The man, Ian, asked a mere $2,000 for the extravagantly nerdy item but that turd son of the Vegas-based Gold And Silver Pawn Shop owner Rick, Corey Harrison aka “Big Hoss,” wouldn’t give the poor man more than $200, originally offering a measly $100.

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