Coming Soon to IMAX: Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Speech!

Queen Elizabeth red coatFirst the Pope joins Twitter, and now the Queen is in 3D. What’s next, The Celebrity Apprentice in space? The Guardian is reporting that Sky News (who have recently added 3D golf and soccer to their programming), will broadcast Queen Elizabeth II’s speech on Christmas day in 3D.

“What’s the highlight of her speech? Like she’s going to give one hand gesture and people will be like ‘Remember when the hand came at you?'” Chelsea Lately round table member Ryan Stout wondered.

A spokeswoman for the palace said The Queen “agreed straight away” and needed no convincing to have her likeness glaring and waving her finger in an extra dimension on Jesus’ birthday.  Continue reading “Coming Soon to IMAX: Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Speech!”

Pregnant? Get A Resin Mold Of Your Unborn Baby

You know how people like to have portraits taken of their dogs, themselves, and their kids?

Well, a Japanese clinic and engineering firm have figured out how to make a 3D model of what’s still inside you – your fetus.

With the help of Fasotec and Tokyo-based Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic you can buy a clear-resin MRI-scanned mold of your baby at any stage of growth and it will only set you back about $1,275 American dollars (¥100,000).

The item/process is called “Shape of the Angel” and it comes in a tiny pink and white jewelry box.

Kate Winslet Cleverly Skewers All Things Titanic

Kate Winslet is seems a little sick of Titanic. Even though her and Leonardo DiCaprio have had expansive careers after their roles in James Cameron’s big-budget romp, they cannot seem to avoid being associated with it by a few nostalgic fans.

People have even urged her to sing the theme song that plays tragically during the end credits and “went on” to become a #1 hit and bestselling song of 1998. “Every time I go into a bar in a hotel where there is a live pianist or a restaurant where they are changing their music according to who walks in the door apparently,” she told MTV News“it’s thrilling for people to surprise me with the Celine Dion song.”  Continue reading “Kate Winslet Cleverly Skewers All Things Titanic”

‘Lion King 3D’ Sings Its Way To Top Of Box Office, Tune of $30 Million

After numerous blogs and years after the rebirth of 3D, people have been saying that it is “on the decline,” though there’s one movie this week that begs to differ.

James Cameron proved with Avatar, that if done right, the technology can bring in buckets of cash and asses in their respective red seats.

Alas, that was back in 2009, and again people called 3D a thing of the past, pointing critically at the box office while quoting statistics.

The Lion King 3D is the film here to tell disbelievers (again) that only Mufasa is the only one who is dead, and not 3D. This famous 1994 Disney flick, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and James Earl Jones, had the second highest opening for a re-release in cinema history…

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‘Top Gun’ Is Latest For 3D Theater Release

The  1986 cult classic Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer will be the latest to receive a 3D re-release for the big screen.

It joins the ranks of several other upcoming 3D releases of classic movies, with Lion King 3D opening this week and Titanic and Star Wars: Episode I set for release in 2012.

Top Gun will be released on an undisclosed date, in early 2012.

Reasons To NOT See Shark Night 3D

I’ve been seeing ads for this “sharks in a lake” concept movie for months now, one that sparked my interest as a fun yet unrelated follow-up to 2010’s Piranha 3D, which featured piranha’s in a lake.

Sadly Shark Night is nothing like Piranha, besides the first 20 minutes it is perhaps the weirdest shark movie I’ve ever seen. It lacks that complete ability to make fun of itself that I’m used to seeing with these movies…

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