50 Cent Cursed In A Country That Doesn’t Allow Swearing (Or Any Other Type of Fun, Apparently)

50 cent swearing in public memeCurtis “50 Cent” Jackson was briefly arrested and fined for rapping an explicit lyric at a gig on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts, where profanity is illegal.

From TripAdvisor.com, regarding language and etiquette in Saint Kitts and the neighboring island of Nevis

Nevis culture has a strong religious foundation. Cursing in public is against the law. Nude bathing and topless bathing are not permitted. Beachwear is fine for the beach, but in public places it is not considered appropriate to be dressed in skimpy beach or resort clothes, such as short shorts or halter tops.

Basically, don’t act like a sailor even though it’s an island, or show any skin, even though, again, it’s an island.

In 2003, DMX was arrested at a music festival in Saint Kitts for the exact same reason. Authorities claimed he signed a contract beforehand that referenced the country’s indecent language laws, but DMX said those mothertrucking c-u-next-Tuesdays were full of caca.

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50 Cent Accused of Kicking His Ex-Girlfriend and Destroying Her Stuff

50 Cent boxing pose50 Cent, the rapper most famous for singing the line “Go shawty, it’s your birthday” in the song “In Da Club” is in hot water for allegedly kicking his girlfriend and completely trashing her condo last month.

He reportedly dated the woman for three years and is also the father of her child.

According the L.A. area police, 50, a.k.a. Curtis Jackson broke her chandeliers, her TV, a lamp and then “ransacked” her closet. It doesn’t take an expert to know that a woman’s clothes are often more precious than Keystone Pipeline oil. Hell, even I’d be mad if someone tore up my non-designer jeans and shirts.

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Trailer: Frozen Ground

John Cusack plays a serial killer (based on real life-murderer Robert Hansen) who terrorizes young women in Alaska in the new movie Frozen Ground.

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50 Cent Calls Kanye’s Armenian Treasure ‘Trash’

50 Cent has a longstanding feud with Kanye West. I guess he feels threatened because “Jesus Walks” is better than any of his songs. At one point, 50 said he would retire if Kanye’s album Graduation sold more copies than his album, Curtis.

I think 50 Cent kind of held true to his word, because I can’t remember the last radio-worthy song he put out. Not that I’m a huge Kanye fan either.

In fact, Chelsea Handler’s ex (Fifty) did recently tell XXL magazine something that made me chuckle.

On Kim Kardashian: “I mean … if that man feel like she’s perfect, then she’s perfect. He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye. You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Continue reading “50 Cent Calls Kanye’s Armenian Treasure ‘Trash’”