$85 For A Coffee-Stained Shirt? I Pass

Alexander Wang may be acclaimed in the fashion world for his designs, but this one just goes over my head.

It’s literally a t-shirt with a fake coffee stain down the front of it, accompanied by the Starbucks logo? If it was at a thrift store for $8, yeah I’d pick it up, but $85? Hrmph.

Wang’s contribution is one part of Starbuck’s 40th anniversary, a partnership with the Council Of Fashion Designers. Also on board, Sophie Theallet and Billy Reid, with less-bizarre (but still boring) designs.

Doesn’t Starbucks have enough money already? The company has more chains than 1850’s Virginia.

They still have a gluttonous desire for money, through Nordstrom and their website? On their “birthday,” grrr I hope you die by caffeine-waterboarding…

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