Cher’s Mom Is Pretty Hot

Cher posted a photo of her and her 86 year-old mother, Georgia Holt on Twitter right before meeting president Obama at a LBGT fundraiser at the Beverly Wilshire.

Let me just say, what a hot grandma. I can only hope to look 30% as good as her in 60 years.

Did Jane Fonda and Betty White open a spa at an undisclosed location where they sacrifice babies and eat peasants in a bathtub full of milk like Charlize in Snow White?

I demand answers, and so does Obama. Apparently the president playfully asked about her Holt’s diet after Cher told him that she’s 86.

According to the Tweet, Barack said, “Georgia,tell me what u eat.”

Man Survives Gardening Clipper Eye Impalement

Leroy Luetscher, an 86 year-old man in Arizona, fell onto his gardening shears while he was trimming plants in his yard. The clippers were lodged deep into his right eye, but he hardly panicked…

He simply put a t-shirt over his eye and requested that his girlfriend call an ambulance.

He later told reporters at a news conference:

“I couldn’t believe it. I just could not believe it. I sort of pulled on them it seemed real solid so I just left it alone.”

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