’90s Icons Veruca Salt Reuniting for First Time in 19 Years

Louise Post Nina Gordon friendsGrunge era band Veruca Salt – known for the song “Seether” from their 1994 debut American Thighs – announced via their website that they will be touring with original members Nina Gordon (co-lead vocals guitar), Louise Post (vocals, guitar), Steve Lack (bass) and Jim Shapiro (drums) for the first time in nearly 20 years.

The Chicago-based band lost all their core members besides singer Louise Post between 1997 and 1998 after they had toured with big names like Hole and even appeared on Saturday Night Live. Most notably, Nina Gordon left to pursue a solo career and saw success with the single “Tonight and the Rest of My Life.”  Continue reading “’90s Icons Veruca Salt Reuniting for First Time in 19 Years”

Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie Force us to Remember the ’90s

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie at age 13 bring back sweet Dr. Pepper lip balm-scented memories of fluffy pens, flared jeans, smiley face binders, inflatable furniture and Alanis Morissette cassette tapes.

Kim posted a picture of her and Nicole being “oh so cool” for throwback Thursday.

Even with braces and baby fat, these two are sadly a lot cooler than I was at that age with unwashed bird nest hair and gangly skeleton arms.

My fondest memory of the ’90s was relishing the fact that I couldn’t possibly get more awkward, but I was more wrong than an unheated toilet in a Kardashian guest house.

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Justin Timberlake Cut N*SYNC VMA Reunion Show, Wanted to Focus More on Himself

'N sync vmasHere’s a funny one – Justin Timberlake commissioned a reunion show with N*SYNC…and then cut half of it.

JT reportedly reached out to the former band members and convinced them to do a reunion show at the VMAs on Sunday, as he would be accepting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and had a 15-minute performance time to work with.

Rumors began swirling last week that the band had something in the works, putting dangerous amounts of stress on 20-something-year-old girls across the country.

But when the band did their thing, the performance was met with a ton of disappointment. Probably because the band only performed one song. The set was originally intended to feature a full medley of N*SYNC hits, but JT reportedly kept cutting it back more and more, reducing it to the 2-minute quickie we saw on Sunday.  Continue reading “Justin Timberlake Cut N*SYNC VMA Reunion Show, Wanted to Focus More on Himself”

Sugar Ray Debuts New Song at Under the Sun Tour

Mark+McGrath+sunglasses 2013Remember Sugar Ray? Remember how fucking rad they were?

Yeah, so do I. That’s why when I heard about this tour, which rolled through the Greek Theater in Los Angeles this past Saturday, I immediately purchased tickets. Because those bands are all insanely awesome, and my 1999 self wanted to see them all live. Each one of them put on a phenomenal, nostalgia-inducing performance. Including Sugar Ray, once they got past their opening song.

It’s called “Summertime’s Coming” and it’s brand new off their upcoming album, about which I would provide details, but can’t because the band doesn’t really seem to know anything about it.

The song has only been performed a couple of times, so it’s difficult to find. But a clip from this live show in Indonesia does a decent job of showcasing the it. I’ll just wait here while you listen.

Done? Bad right?! I mean those lyrics…what the hell is Sugar Ray doing?  Continue reading “Sugar Ray Debuts New Song at Under the Sun Tour”

Melissa Joan Hart Kissed Ryan Reynolds Because He Gave Her a Watch

Ryan Reynolds Sabrina the teenage witch Back when Melissa Joan Hart was 19, she filmed a Sabrina The Teenage Witch movie for Showtime that co-starred a less chiseled and more curly-haired 17-year-old Ryan Reynolds.

Joan Hart tells Chelsea Lately guest host Ross Matthews that Ryan, who had a “creepy scene” in the 1996 movie where he “practically” tried to rape her, gave her a fancy Beluga watch after a few weeks of hanging out, flirting and camping.

He like, threw this box at me and basically walked out of my dressing room, and I kind of stopped his car, it was very dramatic, she told Matthews. “I was in the headlights and I was like ‘Stop!’ ‘Cause I opened the box and it was like a Beluga watch, like a gorgeous watch … I stopped his car and I walked around the car and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get mad at him and I just grabbed him and started kissing him.”

“You get a piece of jewelry like that and you gotta make out with the guy,” she added. Continue reading “Melissa Joan Hart Kissed Ryan Reynolds Because He Gave Her a Watch”

Tiffani Amber Thiessen HATED The 90s

Tiffani Amber Justin bieber shirtWhen you think of “faces” of the 90s, it’s unlikely that Winona, JTT, Kurt Cobain, Beavis, Christian Slater, Tiffani Amber Thiessen (and a handful of her Beverly Hills 90210 co-stars) wouldn’t be present.

Sadly, the woman who played tube top and jean jacket-loving Kelly Kapowski on Saved By The Bell and pot-stirring Valerie in 90210 wasn’t fond of the era we watched her grow up in. After being asked what she misses about the 90s by HuffPost, she broke my heart with a six-sentence answer that roughly translates to one simple word: “Nothing.” You decide:

There’s not a lot. I thought the music was terrible, the fashions weren’t that great. I miss the kind of carefree life that I had. I had no worries, really. I had a little worry, but it wasn’t a lot. It was mostly homework and tests, and not as much responsibility. Just being a teenager — that’s what I miss. Being able to go to the beach after school.  Continue reading “Tiffani Amber Thiessen HATED The 90s”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [1-27-13]

Sandra Bullock toplessCheck out this mortifying photo of Sandra Bullock topless in the 90’s. (Messy Nessy Chic)

Helena Bonham Carter taking acting break to focus on motherhood. (Telegraph)

At the Super Bowl, Beyonce will sing 1 solo song, then 3 with Destiny’s Child. (Celebuzz)

Burt Reynolds moved out of intensive care unit after serious flu scare. (TMZ)

Fox News not renewing Sarah Palin‘s contract because she’s irrelevant? (Huffington Post)

Jodie Foster admits she’s fully “lesbica” in latest issue of Vanity Fair Italia. (ohmyGAHH!)

Teenager inspired to kill his mother and sister after watching Rob Zombie’s Halloween. (Radar)

Free iTunes Cards To Anyone Who Knew That Chumbawamba Didn’t Break Up Ages Ago

I’m guilty of liking a lot of bad songs, and many of them are from the 90’s. I can proudly say that none of them contain the lyric “pissing the night away.” That doesn’t mean I wasn’t surprised to hear that “Tubthumping” Brits Chumbawamba announced that they were splitting up after 30 years.

You know why I was shocked? Because I didn’t know they were still around or that they’d been making music for 30 years and had made 15 albums since the 80s. I have to applaud them for sticking with it, I mean, they had the one hit but it wasn’t exactly something to be proud of and they just kept trying and nobody knew.

Maybe they were happy and have some sort of cult following that I also don’t know about. Goodbye, familiar non-friends. I liked that one song from the Stigmata soundtrack, if it’s any consolation.

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Everclear To Headline ‘Summerland Tour With Sugar Ray, Plus The Bitter Tale Of A Scorned Fan

A select group of people just had a post-grunge pre-emo orgasm. Everclear are officially headlining a 90’s and early 2000’s themed concert with Sugar Ray playing before them, followed by Lit, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground.

I guess The Offspring, Third Eye Blind, Presidents Of The USA, Local H and Eve 6 were busy. Personally I don’t think Sugar Ray or Marcy Playground fit here.

Mark McGrath with songs like “Fly” and “Every Morning” seems much more pop than rock and Marcy Playground only had one hit in “Sex And Candy.”

I have beef with Art Alexakis, frontman of Everclear. I’m a huge fan, especially Sparkle And Fade and So Much For The Afterglow, but the Summerland Tour is not coming to Oregon or Washington, odd considering Art lived in Portland for over a decade.  Continue reading “Everclear To Headline ‘Summerland Tour With Sugar Ray, Plus The Bitter Tale Of A Scorned Fan”