Alex P. Keaton’s Triumphant Return To NBC

I watched Family Ties after its run on NBC from 1982 (before my time) to 1989 (three years after birth), but let me summarize. The show told the tale of a lovable teenage Republican, his liberal parents and typically impervious sisters Mallory (Justin Bateman) and Jennifer (Tina Yothers).

It may be hard for you to not think of Fox as the hoverboard-riding Marty McFly or the man who gave a face to Parkinson’s, but I instantly picture do-gooder Alex P. Keaton when I hear that Michael J. Fox is returning to NBC for a new sitcom that will be based loosely on his life.

Until I hear snobby approval from the mass conglomerate known as the internet that Matthew Perry’s Go On (a return to his staple network) doesn’t suck, I’ll be watching Family Ties on Netflix. Waiting.