Let’s Compare ‘Lovelace’ and ‘The Canyons’

Lovelace posterThe Canyons poster
Trailers for Lovelace and The Canyons hit the net at around the same time so I figured instead of boring you with individual coverage, I’d lump these two train wrecks into one super post.

Lovelace stars Amanda Seyfried, the girl who’s career blew up after playing an exceptionally stupid member of the Plastics in Mean Girls. (Tumblr never stops worshipping that character.)

While both movies are sort of about porn, Lovelace is actually about the industry and blowjob screen legend Linda Lovelace, a role that Lindsay Lohan was originally meant to play.  Continue reading “Let’s Compare ‘Lovelace’ and ‘The Canyons’”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [12-15-12]

Amanda Seyfried In Style croppedAmanda Seyfried‘s OCD causes her to knit and play Soduku on the elliptical. (Evil Beet)

Nintendo’s Wii U has a lot of potential, but is currently a two-star piece of crap. (G4)

Janice Dickinson marrying Dr. Robert Gerner for the free psychiatry. (Radar Online)

Music video for Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” feat. Lou Diamond Phillips. (Celebuzz)

Trey Songz arrested for misdemeanor assault throwing money in a stripper’s eye. (TMZ)

Show called “Best Funeral Ever,” about a Texas funeral home, coming to TLC. (Elite Daily)

Fox pulls Family Guy and American Dad in wake of Connecticut tragedy. (Huffington Post)

Amanda Seyfried’s Jogging Face

Amanda Seyfried, the In Time/Mamma Mia! star went running in her L.A. neighborhood recently, and I’ve never seen anyone look THIS happy to just exercise.

But maybe if I had millions of dollars I’d be happy to just sit on the toilet and count my golden sheets of Kleenex, or whatever. I’m sure running as a millionaire is just as exciting…

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‘Jennifer’s Body’ Is Amanda Seyfried’s Favorite

In her shared October cover and spread in W Magazine with Justin Timberlake, to promote their film In Time (Gattaca meets Twilight Zone meets The Adjustment Bureau) Amanda Seyfried explained that her favorite movie that she ever worked on is Jennifer’s Body.

I’m glad she’s still talking about this cause Jennifer’s Body WAS horribly marketed, though her quote tends to contradict the purpose of the movie. Director/writer Diablo Cody always explained the Fox/Seyfried make-out scene as “scary” and not meant to create boners. (I think that’s impossible)

Here’s what Amanda S. had to say about the 2009 film,

“Jennifer’s Body is my favorite movie that I’ve done. It was overlooked in theaters, but it does have a DVD following. I can’t believe nobody wanted to see Megan Fox and me hitting it.”

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Megan Fox Lip-Locks, From Mickey Rourke To Amanda Seyfried

You’d think from looking over her career and premiere appearances that Megan Fox likes to kiss people… But from her quotes, stuff like:

“Oh my God! Screen kissing is fucking gross. It’s a super intimate thing to do. Touching mouths? I have to really enjoy someone’s personality, not just their looks, before I’ll kiss them.”

…It’s hard to tell. But if it’s so gross, maybe she should stop doing it all the damn time? I dunno, seems like relevant advice to me.

If you’re questioning Megan Fox’s rise to fame, don’t. She’s a comedic actress, whether she knows it or now. She just needs to stop with the craptacular career moves, like Jonah Hex, Transformers 2 and Passion Play.

The range of people she has kissed, onscreen or not, is almost as bizarre as any of her career decisions in general…

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