AMC’s ‘Immortalized’ is the Stuff of Nightmares

Immortalized taxidermy
AMC has come a long way since the days of purely spaghetti western and Halloween movie programming. Alas, their recent foray into reality television is sending them in the other direction.

The leaps and bounds of original shows like Mad Men and The Walking Dead might make up for crap like Freakshow and Comic Book Men, but can they take enough steps forward to exonerate a new taxidermy competition show?

On Thursdays, AMC airs Immortalized, where a group of individuals are showcased for their ability to sew dead animals together in a unique and artistic way. Gross, right? Continue reading “AMC’s ‘Immortalized’ is the Stuff of Nightmares”

There Are Cyborgs On ‘Breaking Bad’ Now (Spoilers)

Okay, obviously the thing I’m about to spoil isn’t the fact that there are robots on Breaking Bad, it’s a show about a high school teacher who starts cooking meth, not some Star Wars fantasy.

The season 4 finale of AMC’s hit show had a very surprising ending, our protagonist Walter White finally sees his mortal enemy Gus Fring get what he deserves, though the scene left me visually shocked and perturbed…

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Kevin Smith’s AMC Reality Show ‘Secret Stash’

Remember when all AMC was good for was Halloween movies once a year and then 364 days of Clint Eastwood westerns?

Well, things have changed. The network AMC now proudly boasts the three most critically acclaimed shows on cable television – Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead.

They’re now adding a new show to their lineup, in a much different direction. A reality show produced by director/nerd/hockey fan/comedian Kevin Smith. (Mallrats, Clerks)

The show is called “Secret Stash,” and is going to offer a detailed look into Smith’s real-life comic book shop, Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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