Nina Davuluri Shakes Off Criticism That She’s Not ‘Merican Enough to be Miss ‘Merica

Miss America IndianTwitter felt a patriotic duty to wave the Wal-Mart flag and extend the butter plank by making “Miss America Terrorist” trend after an Indian woman became Miss America.

I don’t care much for beauty pageants of any kind besides the fictional one in Little Miss Sunshine, but this is bullshit. Every time a non-white person does something they’ve never done (like become president), corn-fed whities from the underpopulated depths of wherever-Wrong-Turn-was-filmed feel a need to remind us all that they’re not okay with it.

Well, of course they’re not okay with it. We liberals use the term “backwards” for a reason….

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Boy Band Trademark War? A Dance-Off Will Solve It

If you happen to watch Saturday Night Live and don’t have DVR capabilities that allow fast-forwarding, the boy group One Direction graced your television last Saturday.

Their album Up All Night went to the top of the U.S. and UK iTunes charts. Their “story” is far more interesting. They are one of those cobbled-together groups. Like O-Town or other Making The Band Danity-Kane-concoctions.

Ninteen months ago One Direction members Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis auditioned separately on the 7th season of British X-Factor guest (and one-time U.S. judge) Nicole Scherzinger suggested that the five compete as a unite.

Simon Cowell signed them to his label, thus the birth of “What Makes You Beautiful” and all that. The problem is, there’s already a band from America with the same name…

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Mia Wasikowska To Play Non-French Madame Bovary

Mia Wasikowska of Alice In Wonderland and The Kids Are All Right has been cast as the small-town adulteress Emma Bovary in an American version of Madame Bovary directed by Sophie Barthes and co-starring Paul Giamatti.

Wasikowski will likely do well in the latest Gustave Flaubert adaptation. She has become a go-to for period pieces, with roles in movies like Albert Nobbs and Jane Eyre.

Her character is described as having a romanticized view of the world and a desire for “beauty, wealth, passion and high society.” If only real-life personality easily translated to the big screen…I can think of a lot of lower-budget reality stars people that would have been perfect.