Anna Kendrick For GQ, September 2013

Anna Kendrick bra GQI was thinking of posting something that allows readers to vote for either Emma Stone, Aubrey Plaza or Jennifer Lawrence in a sort of funny, bangable down-to-earth lady contest and completely forgot about Anna Kendrick, the girl who became rapidly famous after landing a role in Twilight, then the Academy Award-nominated Up in the Air and beloved fan-favorite Pitch Perfect which then led to the unexpected top 40 hit “Cups.”

On top of all this, she’s nice and not a bridge-dwelling ogre? C’est la vie.

Here she is for GQ: semi topless with a honey-colored beehive. Within the mag, she talks about being embarrassed when she’s accosted for autographs while underwear shopping. Buy her favorite beer (Belgian-style) after you ask and she may forgive.

Anna Kendrick Is Very Talented

I know what you’re going to tell me after you watch the video below. “But Hallie, Anna Kendrick is just singing and tapping a cup on a table,” you’ll say in a whiney voice. And I’ll be like “Listen bitch…”

No I won’t, I won’t say any such thing, but I will tell you that I’m going off of a little more than Anna’s cup trick and performance in Pitch Perfect (which I refuse to see in the theaters, because let’s face it, I love Glee but you couldn’t pay me to see the Glee concert movie on the big screen either).

Kendrick is the most likable young actress that’s come along since Emma Stone, and I know most of you didn’t notice Emma until Easy A, which is from 2010. Up In The Air, which Anna received a Best Supporting Actress nod for, is from 2009.  Continue reading “Anna Kendrick Is Very Talented”

New Movie ‘Pitch Perfect’ Is Season One Of ‘Glee,’ But With Famous People

Universal’s Pitch Perfect starring Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Rebel Wilson is being marketed as a slightly more adult version of Glee.

Pitch Perfect has cast known a few known B and C list actresses, whereas Glee featured unknowns that were made famous by the show. Studios with hopes for high box office numbers obviously has no time for such things.

Note the scene where redheaded Brittany Snow catches Anna Kendrick singing in the shower, it’s just like when Mr. Schuester hears Finn harmonizing REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” in the locker room.

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