Trailer: Jobs

In Jobs, in theaters August 16, 2013, we see Ashton Kutcher transformed as Steve Jobs in the early days, before the success of Apple Inc. and invention of the iPod, iPhone and iPad and his struggle with cancer.

As the movie progresses, he looks and sounds exactly like Ashton Kutcher with glasses on.
Steve Jobs Ashton Kutcher jobs gif movieashton kutcher steve jobs gif jobs movie
The film also stars Josh Gad as co-founder Steve Wozniak, Dermot Mulroney as investor and eventual CEO Mike Markkula, and James Woods as Reed College dean Jack Dudman.  Continue reading “Trailer: Jobs”

Apple and Moses Want Gwyneth to Have Another Child Even Though it Could Kill Her

Apple Gwyneth PaltrowChocolate-covered crazy Gwyneth Paltrow recently sat down with Jane Gordon from the Daily Mail to talk about how her new sugarless, gluten-free, no-fun cookbook, It’s All Good, was inspired by a bunch of weird health problems.

Apparently “Gwynnie,” as Gordon calls her, was sitting in her garden one day in 2011 when she suffered a migraine so severe mistook it for a stroke. A series of tests revealed that it was caused by a vitamin D deficiency, anaemia, thyroid and hormonal issues, a congested liver, and a benign tumor.

We also learn that little Moses and Apple want her to have a third baby regardless of a life-threatening miscarriage the last time she attempted to birth a tiny Orange or Jesus Martin.

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Apple Store Employees Do Not Empathize With You, But They Are Trained To Pretend

Tech site Gizmodo got their hands on the “Genius Training” book for Apple Store workers. Like many commercial establishments, the company trains their employees to pretend like they relate and have sympathy for the customer.

Businesses do care about your happiness, but only because happiness equals money. It’s a cutthroat reality, one faced by anyone who reads the contents of this “secret” book of tips for selling iPods, iPads and computers.

There’s a list of banned words, which include “crash” (replace with “stops responding”), “hot” (replace with “warm”), and “bug” (replace with  “issue,” “condition,” or “situation”), but everyone’s favorite section is the one on learnable, sincere-sounding phrases…  Continue reading “Apple Store Employees Do Not Empathize With You, But They Are Trained To Pretend”

The Pros And Cons Of Apple’s Retina Display Macbook Pro

The latest Apple technology has never been something you could expect to grab at a bargain price and the new retina display Macbook Pro, at $2,199 and up, is no exception.

It does LOOK better than anything on the market, with reduced glare and 2880 x 1800 resolution. That’s four times that of a standard display and more than twice as sharp as a high definition television.

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Apple’s Rumored iPad Mini Plans

Apple may be planning to release an iPad mini, for when your flow is extra light.

But seriously, according to reports from several Asian countries, Apple has ordered a significant amount of 7.86 inch Samsung screens, two-thirds the size of the iPad we know and love.

The smaller item would likely be successful competition against the Kindle Fire in all it’s book-reading, movie-watching glory, with a price more in the $300 dollar range, rather than $560. In late 2010 Steve Jobs shot down the idea of a device larger than an iPod Touch and smaller than an iPad, saying that apps could be greatly limited by a screen that size:  Continue reading “Apple’s Rumored iPad Mini Plans”

The Cultural Impact Of Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

There is hardly a person alive who hasn’t owned an iPod or used a Macintosh computer. Even your grandma has walked past a Mac Store or seen a movie with some celebrity doing important research, intently staring at a screen that slyly depicted some adorable colored fruit icon.

You’d see U2 and other prominent musicians famously dancing through an iTunes commercial.

That upside down glowing white logo, shown on several season of Sex And The City, was Carrie Bradshaw’s sole means of writing her famous sex and advice column.

The villainous characters on early season of Fox’s hit show 24 would use Windows computers, while the “good guys” used Macs. Attractive women in nearly every horror movie I can imagine put in iPod earbuds and start running down the street right before a big kill scene…

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