Dirty AZ Cops and Bouncers Rough Up Jason London’s Hair and Glasses

Jason London beaten up by copsLet’s do a short debriefing on identical twin actor brothers Jason London and Jeremy LondonCelebrity Rehab/Party of Five/Mallrats Jeremy London was in the news a lot for bad behavior (drugs, battery, climbing a tree, pretending to be kidnapped) from 2010 to 2012.

Unlike his brother, Dazed and Confused’s JASON London is still a working actor with multiple movie and television projects in the works, but that could be slowed by the fact that he was arrested on Sunday for a bar fight in Arizona.

Skip the mundane parts of the report and you’ve got Jason walking around Scottsdale bleeding, attracting the attention of the police. When they arrive he calls one of them a “faggot” and says he owns them because he’s “a motherf***ing famous actor.”

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It’s Been A Bad, Bad Year For Katt Williams – Comedian Arrested For Child Endangerment

People Katt WilliamsAnd lost cause of the year award goes to… Lindsay Lohan. But after Lindsay it definitely goes to Katt Williams, who just spent a night in jail after cops raided his home and found his four kids were surrounded by guns and drugs.

As the 5’5″ stand-up behind The Pimp Chronicles, Katthouse and Pimpadelic sauntered out of jail, he asked the paparazzi the rhetorical question, “How do you keep kids safe without guns?”

If that was too straight-out-of-NRA-VP-Wayne-LaPierre’s-press-conference-notes for you, Williams also said that he’s “not in a gang” so it shouldn’t make a difference if his preteen kids are sporting AKs and bullet belts.

Here’s a 2012 timeline of ghetto-fab Katt Williams’ moments…

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Nick Stahl had a ‘Misunderstanding’ in the Private Booth at an Adult Movie Store

Nick Stahl arrested 2Nick Stahl was obviously just flossing his teeth or writing a poem when a police officer discovered him in a private booth of an adult store in Hollywood. The Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines star agreed with a reporter who suggested there was a “misunderstanding” regarding his recent lewd conduct charge.

If you don’t remember Stahl as awkward, half-grown up John Connor opposite Claire Danes in Terminator 3, or rightfully paranoid teenager Gavin Strick of Disturbing Behavior, then you might know him as that actor guy whose wife reported him missing.

Yes, Nick Stahl was in a movie called Disturbing Behavior, then engaged in disturbing behavior at a porn store while watching a parody of Disturbing Behavior starring Katee Holmes and lied about it to the cops.

Stephen Baldwin Makes Donald Trump Proud in Classy Mugshot

Stephen Baldwin mugshot 2012Trump’s long-lost son Stephen Baldwin gave Lindsay Lohan a run for her lack of money when he was arrested on Thursday for failing to file tax returns for three years (2008, 2009, and 2010).

According to TMZ, Stephen owes New York $350,000 in back taxes, beating Lohan by $116,096, or a day’s worth of living expenses. Baldwin faces four years in prison, which isn’t a big deal because people who go to jail for tax evasion never get raped as much. I’m a little upset because I forgot that Daniel is the Baldwin who moved to Oregon. Would have been big news for our state, but his classy suit would have sizable mold stains from all THE DAMN RAIN.

Somebody buy me a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks to shut me up.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Nightclub Assault

Lindsay Lohan was put in cuffs after punching a 28-year-old woman who invaded her space at Club Avenue nightclub in New York this morning after attending a Justin Bieber concert.

Lindsay tried to drive away from the scene, but cops pursued her and booked her for assault. She reportedly yelled “Are you kidding me?” over and over again at the police at the time of her arrest.

Hours later, she was separately charged officially for lying to police about her Santa Monica Porsche crash in June.

Pretty sure being arrested in New York as many times as she was arrested in Los Angeles is her new goal. Almost there.

Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy and Current Main Squeeze Hospitalized After Fist Fight

Thanksgiving drama at the Berry home. Halle Berry‘s fiance Olivier Martinez and ex Gabriel Aubry got into a brawl after Aubrey dropped his daughter off with her actress mother on Thursday morning.

Current French actor beau Olivier, 46,  said something (“We have to move on?”) to set off former model boytoy Gabriel, 10 years younger, who proceeded to punch Olivier in the face.

After rolling around on the ground for a while, both guys were taken to the hospital, Martinez for a neck and hand injury and Aubry (arrested for misdemeanor battery) for face contusions, head injuries and a broken rib.  Continue reading “Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy and Current Main Squeeze Hospitalized After Fist Fight”

Instant Messages From NY ‘Cannibal Cop’ Gilberto Valle Will Make You Cringe

Every once and awhile, a news story comes along that is so disturbing and so outrageous that you begin to lose touch with reality and feel like you’re reading a horror script by Eli Roth.

Yesterday an officer in Queens, New York was arrested for conspiring to cook and eat 100 female victims. Instant messages from 28-year-old Gilberto Valle III, a six-year employee of the NYPD, to an accomplice have been acquired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the messages, Valle wrote to two unnamed co-conspirators about ovens, chloroform, cages, and not wasting the meat. The price of a fresh human snack: $5,000.  Continue reading “Instant Messages From NY ‘Cannibal Cop’ Gilberto Valle Will Make You Cringe”

Flavor Flav’s Latest Vegas Mugshot Is Priceless

Flavor Flav was arrested for the second time in Las Vegas, this time for assault with a deadly weapon.

Flav apparently got into some kind of disagreement with his fiancé and her son and pulled a knife on them.

He was released on bail after taking a pitifully sad-eyed, grey-dreadlocked mugshot.

What do you think he was fighting about with his lady love? I think it was about him not picking New York over Hoopz or Deelishis on Flavor of Love.

Did they forget to jingle the keys behind the camera this time? I say that because he was smiling in last year’s mugshot.

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Paris Hilton’s New Boyfriend Is As Crazy As Her Other Boyfriends

If I told you that Paris Hilton making out with a girl in a club caused her new boyfriend to get arrested for starting a fight would you be surprised in any way?

Good, me neither.

A man told police that he was in the XS nightclub in the Encore hotel in Vegas when Paris started making out with his girlfriend…

Then, Paris’ new Spanish model boyfriend/fictional Street Fighter character River Viiperi attacked the random clubgoer guy with the bi curious girlfriend.

TMZ reports that Viiperi injured him “so badly” that he “needed medical attention” at around 2:30 Monday morning and that Viiperi was cited for misdemeanor battery without going to the police station.  Continue reading “Paris Hilton’s New Boyfriend Is As Crazy As Her Other Boyfriends”

Fiona Apple Arrested For Having Hash On Her Tour Bus, Falls Asleep During Mugshot

Indie pop darling Fiona Apple was arrested on Wednesday night for drug possession.

Officers with drug-sniffing dogs at a border stop in Sierra Blanca, Texas discovered two containers with a decent amount (.02 pounds) of hash and weed on her tour bus.

Apple was held at Hudspeth County Jail until Thursday afternoon, where she was released on $10,000 bail.

Well, now she can sing “Criminal” with even more conviction. One of many gangsters to be arrested after police found suspicious things on their tour buses… She’s just like Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson.  Continue reading “Fiona Apple Arrested For Having Hash On Her Tour Bus, Falls Asleep During Mugshot”

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Hit And Run, Surveillance Video Proves Her Accuser Exaggerated

It appears that Lindsay Lohan for once, did nothing wrong, or almost nothing.

Following an arrest Wednesday morning for allegedly hitting a pedestrian in New York, TMZ acquired footage of the incident, which shows that Lohan either grazed the back of the accuser’s leg, or didn’t hit him at all.

“While some of the facts are still being gathered, it appears that this is much ado about nothing. We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the coming weeks and the claims being made against Lindsay will be proven untrue,” her rep said in an email to the Associated Press.  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Hit And Run, Surveillance Video Proves Her Accuser Exaggerated”

Man With Scissors And Candles Arrested At Miley Cyrus’ House

A man armed with scissors (not to be confused with “One Armed Scissor” by At The Drive-In) was arrested outside of Miley Cyrus‘s home on Saturday, but was he trying to kill her, or just fix her hair?

KTLA reports that the intruder was merely an over-exuberant fan named Jason Luis Rivera who told police he just wanted to “see” Miley.

Rivera faces burglary and trespassing charges (he hopped the security gate and lit candles in her yard).

“I am a friend of Miley Cyrus. I am. She’s my wife. Me and Miley have been friends for five years,” he told officers.

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Taking Advice From The Founder Of Crocs: When In Doubt, Blame Taylor Swift

The shoe company Crocs was unnecessarily founded by three people. One of them said “let’s take the backs off” another added “let’s put holes in them!” and the third said “let’s make them ugly.”

It’s true too.

It turns out one of the founders, like his shoes, is hilariously crazy.

Some people are just scary crazy, and worthy of your fear, but George Boedecker seems like a fun guy to hang out with. Last weekend he was discovered by the police passed out in front of his Porsche. So wasted in fact, that the medics plainly called him “drunk as crap.”  Continue reading “Taking Advice From The Founder Of Crocs: When In Doubt, Blame Taylor Swift”

Artie Lange Arrested In Paris

Comedian Artie Lange was put into a French jail after getting into an intense argument with his girlfriend (Adrianne something?) outside of a local theater last month.

He explained on The Nick And Artie Show that he flew into a rage and called her an “effing cunt.”

The cops arrived and attempted to calm him, but Lange “took a swing” at them, which ultimately closed the deal on his arrest.

Lange, who was booted from The Stern Show in 2009 due to substance abuse, says he was completely sober at the time of the incident.

I’d forgive him, but only if he yelled “YO ADRIANNE!!!” during the fight.

Southern Woman Hated Her Mugshot, Called 911

A local Georgia woman called 911 to complain about her appearance in a mug shot that was published in a collection called Bad & Busted. Forty five year-old Sylvia Fowler got her wish to “retake” the photo after she was arrested a second time, for misusing the 911 emergency system.

She was originally booked for “terrorist threats and acts” looking like an old mother hen who was fed a steady diet of crystal meth instead of grains. The retake is, better, depending on your definition.

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Fred Willard Was Caught Masturbating, SO WHAT?

78-year-old Fred Willard of Anchorman, WALL-E, and Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures was arrested with his pants unzipped at the adult-themed Tiki Theater on Wednesday by uncover officers.

He was taken into custody for lewd conduct and then released on misdemeanour charges. He has already been fired from his narrating job (Market Warriors) at PBS.

Willard’s lawyer released a statement saying that, he did “nothing in any violation of any law” and “We will be working vigorously to clear his name in this matter.”

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NFL Star Adrian Peterson Arrested For Resisting The Police While Intoxicated

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested early Friday morning after making a scene at a club in Houston.

The manager of the club, Live At Bayou Place, says he was being rowdy and “unreasonable.”

An off-duty cop/security guard intervened after he noticed Peterson’s behavior. The MVP pro-bowler reportedly shoved him.

He later apologized and said that he ‘doesn’t usually drink,’ a story confirmed by the manager who told TMZ that Peterson has been to the club before and consumed very few spirits.  Continue reading “NFL Star Adrian Peterson Arrested For Resisting The Police While Intoxicated”