Eric Andre Exposes Himself on National Television

Eric Andre Attack of the show Don’t Trust The B— In Apt 23 actor Eric André is here to completely shatter Tracy Morgan’s reputation as the most unpredictable talk show guest in history. On December 5, André visited G4’s soon-to-be-off-the-air tech program Attack of the Show to sort of talk about acting.

The interview was conducted by his longtime friend, Michael Kosta, who brought up André almost getting banned from Instagram because of his affinity for… tucking it back.  Continue reading “Eric Andre Exposes Himself on National Television”

G4’s Tech/Gaming Programs ‘Attack of the Show’ and ‘X-Play’ Cancelled

Sad news for gamers and tech junkies. NBC affiliate G4 have officially cancelled Attack of the Show and X-Play. 

Fans of both shows were shaken up earlier this year when their two most familiar faces, Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, quit the network.

In September it was reported that NBCU was looking to turn the channel into a “TV version of GQ” aimed at the “modern male.” Funny because I thought AOTS and X-Play‘s were already targeted at modern males aka real people.

G4 Media General Manager Adam Stotsky confirms:  Continue reading “G4’s Tech/Gaming Programs ‘Attack of the Show’ and ‘X-Play’ Cancelled”

The Walking Dead’s Michonne Talks Zombie Stupidity And The First Lady’s M&M’s

Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead (which returns on Sunday, October 14), talked about Michelle Obama and why you shouldn’t be afraid of zombies on Attack of the Show’s Tuesday episode.

“You can call Michonne a badass, I just play one on TV,” she told AOTS host of the week Rob Huebel.

On sword training: “It was intense like right after I got the job it was straight into training with it, you know new muscles you don’t realize you have are now screaming and resenting you.”

On outsmarting the undead: “This is what I’ve learnt from Michonne – zombies are the lesser life form, there’s no reason to run from them, there’s no reason to fear them. They’re not smart, you’re smarter.”

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Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Talks Cleavage Signing, Demonstrates

Candace Bailey‘s sweet-as-pie Southern attitude combined with the willingness to do anything for good TV might make up for the recent loss of Kevin Pereira and his lightning-quick wit on Attack Of The Show.

Case and point, an interview with Evil Dead/Army Of Darkness legend Bruce Campbell.

The chainsaw-armed man dropped by AOTS, talking about Burn Notice, people naming their kids “Ash,” and the female fans.

Bailey: I hear you have lots of women coming up to you asking for autographs?
Campbell: The ladies have started to step up a little since Burn Notice has come along, and so you’ve got to manage that as a signable asset…  Continue reading “Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Talks Cleavage Signing, Demonstrates”

Barry Sonnenfeld Directed ‘Men In Black III’ From A Saddle

Barry Sonnenfeld has directed all three Men In Black movies, The Addams Family, Get Shorty and one of the worst movies of all time, Wild Wild West – and he did it all from a saddle.

Apparently this is common knowledge, at least to people in the industry and anyone who happened to read the various other articles about this.

I mean, the third accompanying word that comes on Google when you type in “Barry Sonnenfeld” is “saddle.”

I just learned about it from watching an interview with Alice Eve on Attack Of The Show, who said, “He’s a cowboy so he wears cowboy outfits, and he sits on a saddle for his back that’s on little wheels and he wheels around and gives you direction.”  Continue reading “Barry Sonnenfeld Directed ‘Men In Black III’ From A Saddle”

Kevin Pereira And Adam Sessler Leaving G4

There’s only one channel you turn to for video game news and reviews, and that is G4, specifically X-Play and Attack Of The Show. Now the two most important faces of the two most important technology shows are parting ways.

Adam Sessler, who has already departed due to contractual disputes, has been involved with G4 since its old format ZDTV and “Gamespot TV” in 1998. He was also the editor-in-chief of gaming content.

News broke that Kevin Pereira would be leaving Attack Of The Show on Tuesday, May 9. He began working for the network as an off-screen production assistant in 2002 who received airtime on Attack by 2006. Continue reading “Kevin Pereira And Adam Sessler Leaving G4”

Funny Video: Tony Horton Does Push-ups With Sara Underwood & Jessica Chobot

Home fitness guru Tony Horton stopped by G4’s Attack Of The Show on Wednesday to not only talk about his P90X workout but to whip two of the presenters into shape.

Jessica Chobot (of IGN, Proving Ground) and former Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood don’t struggle terribly with it, but Jessica Chobot does have her moments.  Continue reading “Funny Video: Tony Horton Does Push-ups With Sara Underwood & Jessica Chobot”

‘Walking Dead’ Writer Robert Kirkman, Not A Fan Of Zombie Fans

The man responsible for The Walking Dead comic book and therefore the show as well told Attack Of The Show host Kevin Pereira in an interview on Wednesday that he isn’t exactly thrilled when his followers dress like the flesheaters he made ever-so-popular.

“They’re nice people, I dunno, they’re somewhat crazy every now and then. They dress up as zombies a lot, that’s a little unsettling to me because people dressed up as zombies still terrify me. I get it, you’re trying to be a zombie, it’s unnerving, please don’t.”

He also said that the comic book industry needs to take itself more seriously in order to be taken seriously by everyone else, specifically the movie industry. On the slow second season of The Walking Dead he says:

There was the switchover from Frank Darabont to Glen Mazzara … I think that Glen Mazzara has a different style…he comes from a run and gun like, let’s blow through as much story as we can and force ourselves to come up with more stuff that will make the show interesting and let’s not hang on any moments let’s pay things off and then move on to the next thing.” 

That Lady From ‘Haywire’ Seems Like A Bitch

If I have to see the ad for Haywire one more time I’m going to…do nothing at all. But I’m going to wish I that I was a short-bus superhero whose power was to go temporarily blind and deaf.

Really, Steven Soderbergh? Another movie about a betrayed spy, but it’s different because there’s a woman knocking people over like a rainforest in Peru instead of Matt Damon, Daniel Craig or Jason Statham?

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X-Play Calls ‘Skyrim’ ‘The Best Game Of This Console Generation’

I’m not the type of person who believes everything I hear, and I don’t rely on reviews to tell me what to buy or ignore BUT I do trust a few sources in movies and gaming. Roger Ebert for film and G4’s X-Play/AOTS for video games.

On 11-10-11 Blair Herter and Adam Sessler came on Attack Of The Show’s Game Break segment and called the follow-up to the best game of the year 2006, “The best, most ambitious, most immersive game of this console generation.”

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Michael Kenneth Williams Teaches Candace Bailey To Dance

Thursday on Attack Of The Show, Michael Kenneth Williams formerly “Omar” on The Wire came on the show to talk about his character on the second season of Boardwalk Empire and also to teach host Candace Bailey his dance moves.

I know it doesn’t SOUND like a big deal, but it was actually extremely cute watching the two busting out their moves.

Candace with her white girl monkey arms (I suffer from the same affliction) and Williams, 44 years-old and as youthful as ever.

Williams described himself as a former “club kid” of New York city, and said he was lucky enough to tour as a dancer for Crystal Waters, Technotronic and CeCe Peniston. (Fast-forward to the 4:44 mark, for the adorable smile-worthy dancing bit)

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Brett Ratner Lubes Up With Shrimp Juice (Or Not)

Actress/Television host Olivia Munn claimed in her new book. Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek, that she slept with a big-name Hollywood director who was a disappointment in every way.

Munn referenced him as “a grown man in an oversized shirt holding his undersized manhood in hands glistening with shrimp fat.”

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Oatmeal Wrestling: As Appealing As Eating Oatmeal

Thursday, on my favorite clip/talk/random show, G4’s aptly titled Attack Of The Show co-host Candace Bailey and The Feed host/former Playboy playmate Sara Underwood wrestled in a baby pool filled with oatmeal in a tribute to Weird Al’s UHF.

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