Elvis’ Shit-Stained Briefs May Sell For Over $15,000

How much would you pay for a pair of used underwear complete with mysterious brown stains? Nothing, right? I mean, you’d pay someone $15,000 to get them away from your face huh?

Apparently, if it’s Elvis, a person’s views on soiled undergarments do a complete 180. Yep. Anything belonging to the king (of “pulling out”) who died on a throne (toilet) in 1977 goes for a high price.

This less-than-pristine article of clothing is expected to fetch £10,000 (around $15,800 American dollars) in a Greater Manchester auction of Presley’s personal items, including a Bible and some home movies.  Continue reading “Elvis’ Shit-Stained Briefs May Sell For Over $15,000”

Elvis Presley’s Crypt + Lisa Marie’s Michael Jackson Letter – Guess Which One Won’t Be Auctioned

Lisa Marie Presley has requested that a personal letter to her from Michael Jackson (the two were married from 1994 to 1996) be pulled from one of Julien’s Auctions, who is also handling the sale of her father, Elvis’ crypt in late June.

The letter, written on yellow legal pad, is very unusual. It has a drawing of a square with an arrow pointing to it with the words “Smell here.” The rest of the note reads:

“Lisa I truly need this rest, I haven’t slept litterally in 4 days now. I need to be away from phones and Business people. I must take care of my health first. Im’ crazy for you,” then signs off “Love, Turd.”

The item was expected to bring in over a thousand dollars but the auction house complied with Presley’s wishes, telling TMZ“We wanted to honor the request and continue our good relationship with Ms. Presley.”  Continue reading “Elvis Presley’s Crypt + Lisa Marie’s Michael Jackson Letter – Guess Which One Won’t Be Auctioned”

I Know What I Want For Christmas…

Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry Barbie Dolls! Look at them, they’re so lifelike. It this were Toy Story, they’d surely come to life and sing me a Glee-worthy mashup called “I Kissed A Bass.” They’re a little confusing though I see they’ve gone California Perry and “classy” Minaj. Sinister.

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John Lennon’s Tooth Auctioned Off For $31,200

Once upon a time in the 60’s, John Lennon’s tooth fell out (probably in Liverpool) and he gave it to his maid, Dot Jarlett, to throw away.

By some magical turn of evens, Jarlett kept the tooth, after John’s suggested that she give it to her Beatle-fever-riddled daughter.

And there’s the reason for a woman even owning Lennon’s molar.

She didn’t pull it out in his sleep or pluck it out of his garbage, though it does look like a dirty, deformed unpopped popcorn kernel.

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Early Marilyn Monroe Photos To Sell At Auction

Several pictures from the first ever photo shoot done of Marilyn Monroe are going to be put up for sale at Beverly Hills’ “Icons & Idols” auction, held December 2-4.

The shots were taken by Joseph Jasgur (who passed away in 2009) for Blue Book Modeling agency in 1946 back when Monroe went by her given name -Norma Jeane Dougherty.

The images have never been available for purchase because of various legal issues that surrounded them previously for more than twenty years…

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Marty McFly Replica Shoes Auctioned For $37,500

Nearly identical shoes as seen worn by Michael J Fox in the iconic film Back To The Future Part II sold today for a whopping $37,500 to “Written In The Stars” rapper Tinie Tempah.

1,500 pairs of these 2011 Limited Edition “Nike Mags” have been put on Ebay, starting at around $6,000. The $37,500 dollar pair that went to Tinie Tempah were sold at a special auction in L.A. thus explaining their surprising price-range.

The proceeds do go to the Michael J. Fox’s Foundation For Parkinson’s Research, so I actually encourage rich people to buy them. I just don’t know who would actually wear them down the street?

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