Avril Lavigne Says Hello to Her Kitty, Offends Everyone

It’s really hard to pinpoint the exact moment that Avril Lavigne went wrong with “Hello Kitty…”

I don’t know if it’s the lyrics, her super punk side shave and cupcake skirt, the dubstep breakdown about a minute in or the sedated Asian women she’s hired to stand behind her.

While Avril defended the video calling it an ode to Japanese culture after bloggers labelled it “racist,” I find it deeply offensive for other reasons. Those reasons being:

1. Avril Lavigne is 29 years old

2. Her husband, Chad Kroeger, is 39 years old
Avril lavigne glasses hello kitty stillAvril Lavigne hello kitty still
3. The blessed union that is Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger wrote this song together

4. Keywords: Hello Kitty, slumber party, spin the bottle

5. Chad Kroeger is not yet listed as a registered sex offender  Continue reading “Avril Lavigne Says Hello to Her Kitty, Offends Everyone”

Avril Lavigne Dusts Off the Tie and Wifebeater, Says ‘Whatever’ to Growing Up

Avril Lavigne wifebeater 2013Avril Lavigne just debuted the video for “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” a  country/pop song that titty-twists Bob Dylan and name-drops Radiohead to the tune of her biggest hit, 2002’s “Complicated.”

Forget the tune. Petra Pan dug around her closet (or went back to Hot Topic) and ironed out the white tanktop, tie and stringy black capris from her days as a 17-year-old hater of authority figures and bare wrists.

Lavigne, now 28, really hasn’t aged much since those years. She’s still the same adorably eager hyena that says “boombox” with a weird accent that really can’t be classified as Canadian.

And believe me, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I’d be all over Britney putting on the snake scarf and tweaking the lyrics to “I’m a Slave 4 You,” but this is just plain baaaaad.  Continue reading “Avril Lavigne Dusts Off the Tie and Wifebeater, Says ‘Whatever’ to Growing Up”

Hayley Williams Goes Full Lavigne in ‘Still Into You’

Hayley Williams Still into youParamore‘s second single from their new album, the first since the departure of guitarist and drummer Josh and Zac Farro in 2010, looks exactly how it sounds…

Like Evan Rachel Wood got into a fight with Avril Lavigne inside a Wonka candy mixer.

All this in the video for “Still Into You,” the band’s proper departure from rock-inspired pop where Hayley Williams rebelliously rides around the house on a bicycle with her one remaining band member (and the new one) singing “I should be over all the butterflies but I’m into you.”  Continue reading “Hayley Williams Goes Full Lavigne in ‘Still Into You’”

Cassadee Pope Takes ‘The Voice’ Season 3 Crown

Cassadee Pope train dress 1Former Hey Monday frontwoman Cassadee Pope beat out Terry McDermott and Nicholas David after performing with Kelly Clarkson, The Killers and Avril Lavigne in last night’s finale of The Voice. 

Pope was a clear favorite with two high-charting iTunes covers, including one (“Over You”) that knocked “Gangnam Style” from the top. Her win in season three was the most watched finale in the show’s short history, with 14 million viewers.

Her competition, Radagast and Bilbo from The Hobbit, had decent pipes but no chance of achieving the commercial success that Pope can and hopefully will.  Continue reading “Cassadee Pope Takes ‘The Voice’ Season 3 Crown”

Canadian leftovers: Chad Kroeger to wed Avril Lavigne

Former cockerspaniel and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger 37, proposed to Brody Jenner-banger Avril Lavigne, 27. The two have been quietly dating for six months and Lavigne’s people broke the news to old person-gossip bible, People magazine.

The pair got together in February this year to co-write a song for Lavigne’s fifth studio album.

This odd match comes as a shock to most Canadians due to the similarities between the two artists: both Nickelback and Avril Lavigne enjoyed years of early success with strings of number one irritating singles like “This is how your remind me” and “Sk8er boy”. That is until Canadians sobered up from their potent home brew and realized their music was terrible, but they continued success inside and outside of Canada with Avril touring in Asia this year.  Continue reading “Canadian leftovers: Chad Kroeger to wed Avril Lavigne”

Video: Avril Lavigne – “Goodbye”

To watch the video “Goodbye” you have to go through the formalities of Avril saying bye to you, the fan. (Or person who is mildly interested)

She filmed the intro at Chateau Marmont, before the last show of her Black Star tour, on a bed and in a bath tub. Lingerie, champagne, blonde wig.  Continue reading “Video: Avril Lavigne – “Goodbye””

Video: Avril Lavigne – “Wish You Were Here”

That not-so-elusive long-haired Canadian Malamute Avril Lavigne has released a new video for her ballad-y single “Wish You Were Here.”

It’s one of those Britney “Everytime” type videos, where the woman rolls around in a bathtub or pile of broken glass singing with doe-eyes about boy troubles.

Continue reading “Video: Avril Lavigne – “Wish You Were Here””