Doc Brown Look-Alike Rides Around L.A. in Customized DeLorean

Paul Nigh DeLoreanSome guy named Paul Nigh spent $150,000 customizing his DeLorean to look like the one from Back to the Future and I would consider it an injustice to let him slip into the abyss of odd non-famous, movie-obsessed personalities in Los Angeles without a quick mention.

Yesterday, Paul drove around in his precious creation (the “most famous replica,” according to TMZ) around looking like Doc Brown in an appropriately eccentric outfit at the Shell Station in Woodland Hills.

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Marty McFly Replica Shoes Auctioned For $37,500

Nearly identical shoes as seen worn by Michael J Fox in the iconic film Back To The Future Part II sold today for a whopping $37,500 to “Written In The Stars” rapper Tinie Tempah.

1,500 pairs of these 2011 Limited Edition “Nike Mags” have been put on Ebay, starting at around $6,000. The $37,500 dollar pair that went to Tinie Tempah were sold at a special auction in L.A. thus explaining their surprising price-range.

The proceeds do go to the Michael J. Fox’s Foundation For Parkinson’s Research, so I actually encourage rich people to buy them. I just don’t know who would actually wear them down the street?

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