John Travolta Doesn’t Bring His Hair to the Gym

John travolta baldCelebrities meet and snap photos with fans on a daily basis, so what’s unique about this encounter specifically? Well, two things… One, the fan in the photo confirmed that John Travolta works out at 3 a.m. and it warms my heart to know that he’s a night owl like myself and that successful people can stay up late and still get shit done, unless he fell asleep at like 7 p.m. and woke up super early, in which case he’s dead to me and I’m done saying all those masseuses were lying.

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Rihanna Will Soon Be Bald

Rihanna going baldThis is funny, an “extension expert” tells Radar Online that Rihanna will be bald in the not-too distant future if she continues changing her hair on a monthly basis.

After examining photos of Rihanna, the expert notices a “thinning patch” on one side of her head and mentions the self-induced weave nightmare known as traction alopecia, which I made the mistake of Googling once (“cystic acne” is another no-no) after writing about Naomi Campbell, who is also mentioned by the all-knowing expert.

It becomes clear later on that Radar’s source is just bitter about not landing Rihanna as a client. “When hair extensions are applied properly, they are completely safe and can give amazing results,” she says. “But when done with no care for natural hair, they leave the follicles damaged beyond repair.”  Continue reading “Rihanna Will Soon Be Bald”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [3-16-13]

Jessie J shaved headChildren’s charity made Jessie J shave her head and she looks better than before. (NY Daily News)

Jonathan Taylor Thomas only returns to acting when Tim Allen asks him. (Entertainment Weekly)

The new pope is more liberal even though he hates gays and kidnaps people. (Huffington Post)

Nicki Minaj had a really hard time shedding her pink lips and big ol’ lashes for Elle. (ohmyGAHH!)

Ryan Murphy taking Jessica Lange to New Orleans for American Horror Story: Coven. (Zap2it)

Michelle Williams dressed like a Native American AND 7 other “imaginary characters.” (Evil Beet)

Today Show ladies talk about favorite pubes to dampen sad Matt Lauer mood. (ONTD!/The Atlantic)

Rare Bald Naomi Campbell Eagle Spotted On Beach

The politically correct term for a bald eagle/supermodel in this case is “traction alopecia.

It is of course a form of hair loss, but instead of it being a disease that is basically out of your hands, traction alopecia is caused by a “pulling force applied to the hair,” such as braids and/or hair extensions.

Naomi Campbell has shown signs of this ailment before. In 2010 she was involved in a New York photo shoot that indicated the start of some hair loss.

The paparazzi have the sequel to that. Recent photos of Naomi in Ibiza depict even more of a bare patch, quite a sizable and sad area, in fact. I would make a joke about karma but it’s not my style.

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Lindsay Lohan Going Bald At Restaurant Called ‘E. Baldi’

What do I say about this? A photo was taken of Lindsay Lohan‘s red hair from behind while she was at the Italian restaurant E. Baldi in Beverly Hills and there was a big ol’ chunk of it missing.

I don’t know if it fell out because she lives on Kombucha, menthols and grapefruits, or gossip-related stress (I wouldn’t know anything about that) or because the crack rocks killed her hair follicles, but SOMETHING is wrong. Lindsay may not be known for being on time, having good teeth, or remembering her lines but damn it, she’s always had hair!  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Going Bald At Restaurant Called ‘E. Baldi’”

Cynthia Nixon, Macaulay Culkin Or Nosferatu?

Cynthia Nixon has played the friend and sister of cancer-stricken television characters, once on Sex And The City and recently on The Big C, opposite Laura Linney.

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Andy Roddick Is On The Verge Of Baldness, Solution: Mohawk

You can shave your head when you’re beyond help, which is what Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis do OR you can give yourself a mohawk when your hairline is receding like a cliff bordering a fault line, and that’s exactly what 30 year-old tennis star Andy Roddick did.

He showed up at his first tournament of 2012, the Kooyong Classic in Melbourne, with a brand new hairdo and a charming press conference explanation to boot.

“I’m pretty sure I only have a year or two left with hair, so I decided to have fun with it.” 

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Ashton Kutcher Was The Albino From ‘Powder’ In High School posted vintage photos of the Two And A Half Men cast yesterday and one stood out tremendously from the mostly ordinary pictures of Jon Cryer as Ducky and the like…

A bald, pale and apparently screeching Ashton Kutcher, from his high school days at Clear Creek-Amana in Iowa.

I don’t know if he was on the swim team or what, but he’s bald and terrifying and looks EXACTLY like the albino from Powder.

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