Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy

Mexico barbie 2013Mattel’s latest batch of “Dolls of the World” Barbies are causing controversy. Specifically, the Mexican version, with her passport and Chihuahua friend.

Others might say that all of the dolls in the collection (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Holland, India, Ireland, China and Australia) are uniquely stereotypical, but not offensive.

They all come with passports, and each one is dressed in an outfit and accompanied by a pet that you would typically associate with that country. Holland Barbie for instance, wears wooden shoes. China Barbie holds a panda, India Barbie a monkey, etc.

Here’s a statement from Mattel, released to Huffington Post after the backlash:  Continue reading “Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy”

In All Her Plastic Glory, Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Looks More Like Liz Than Lindsay Ever Will

limited edition Liz Taylor BarbieMattel’s special edition White Diamonds Liz Taylor Barbie‘s arrival is very appropriate considering the iconic actresses’ dedication to AIDS research and awareness dating back to the early 80’s (back when acknowledging that the disease could affect anyone other than disgusting gay man whores was taboo), and that today is World AIDS Day.

Priced at $150 dollars and wearing a white dress very similar to the one from 1958’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, the doll comes with gloves, sunglasses, mini perfume bottle and a movie script.

Lindsay Lohan (in all her bloated, lip-injected glory) can’t compare to this plastic masterpiece, which, unlike Liz & Dick, was approved by Taylor. Continue reading “In All Her Plastic Glory, Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Looks More Like Liz Than Lindsay Ever Will”

The Trouble With Barbie And Ken…

This series, In The Doll House, was shot by Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein (the woman behind “Fallen Princesses).” It plays on the age-old idea that Barbie is Ken’s beard and they’re both unhappy as a result of his sexuality.

Remember the skit on SNL where it was revealed that Barbie was actually Skipper’s mom and her father was a Han Solo action figure? This is reminiscent of that.  Continue reading “The Trouble With Barbie And Ken…”

I Know What I Want For Christmas…

Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry Barbie Dolls! Look at them, they’re so lifelike. It this were Toy Story, they’d surely come to life and sing me a Glee-worthy mashup called “I Kissed A Bass.” They’re a little confusing though I see they’ve gone California Perry and “classy” Minaj. Sinister.

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X-Ray Photos From The Book ‘Stuck Up’

In a new 224-page book released earlier this month, 100 images of bizarre X-rays are documented by three doctors, Marty A. Sindhian, Murdoc Knight, and Rich E. Dreben.

Everything from a Buzz Lightyear doll to coins, cassette tapes, baby shoes, chopsticks, ipods and an electrical cord. The insertion happened mostly rectally or orally though a few did occur through the nose and urethra.

Stuck Up!: 100 Objects Inserted And Ingested In Places They Shouldn’t Be even has a purpose. According to Sindhian, Dreben and Knight the book looks to remove the embarrassment element and encourages people to seek treatment after inserting or swallowing strange things.

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Controversial Tattooed Barbie Is About As ‘Scary’ As Avril

Mattel has teamed up with Tokidoki to make an alternative Barbie who sports a pink bob, a skull shirt and TATTOOS.

Parents and bloggers – who happen to be uptight Tea Party types – are outraged at the very thought of a tatted-up Barbie. Like, how dare she ruin the lovely reputation of this classic doll, who first appeared back in 1959!?

Barbie was like an early version of tabloids, music videos and movies, something to remind us of what we can never be.

And don’t forget, they already made one called “Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie” in 2009, which included applicable stickers for not only the doll but for its owner.

Don’t dolls and toys exist as an experiment of things we COULD do to ourselves, but wouldn’t necessarily do?

Like the time my friends and I took a Barbie’s head off and stuffed slugs inside of her right before burying her in the garden…

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Is That You, Nicole Kidman??

Nicole Kidman went CRAZY Baywatch blonde for her upcoming role in The Paperboy, costarring Zac Efron, John Cusack and Matthew Mcconaughey. I wonder how long Nicole will keep that huge mop of yellow hair? Yikes. Maybe it’s a wig? I’m no expert. Somebody investigate this for me? Very Stepford Wife-y.

Oh here’s a synopsis of The Paperboy, from Publisher’s Weekly, in case you were wondering.

“Narrator Jack James is the son of the Moat County Tribune’s editor and publisher. While Jack’s older brother, Ward, reports for the Miami Times, Jack has settled for a job delivering papers for the Tribune. But when Ward and his partner, evil dandy Yardley Acheman, come to Moat County to investigate the four-year-old murder of the local sheriff, Jack assists them in the inquiry.”

Wait, what? I fell asleep reading that summary.