Shia LaBeouf Did Us All A Favor, Wore a Bag Over His Stupid Face

Shia bag on headAfter realizing the spotlight was fading, two-time Megan Fox love interest and all-time douche Shia LaBeouf is desperate to remain famous. And how is he doing that, exactly? …By repeatedly reminding everyone that he’s NOT famous.

It’s a slightly brilliant ploy in a way if he actually has an endgame. (Like so many “artists,” he is probably just winging it.) Anyway, Shia wore a bag over his super worn-down backpacker face to the Nymphomaniac premiere in Berlin and walked out of a press conference after spouting a plagiarized line famously spoken by French soccer player Eric Cantona.

At this point, he’s not doing anything important and looks like a guy you’d meet at a hot spring, so why the hell not walk around with a paper bag over his head in public? (This isn’t even the first time, by the way.)

LEGO Bilbo, Gandalf And Gollum In The LEGO Shire!

Finally, good news for Lord Of The Rings…

A 16-year-old German boy constructed this highly detailed version of The Shire, a masterful brick-by-brick visualization of the beginning of J.R.R Tolkien’s 1954 classic, The Fellowship of the Ring, when Gandalf arrives in Hobbiton for Bilbo’s 111th birthday party.

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Octopus And Seaweed Gown, Fashion Or Garbage?

I wasn’t a fan of Lady Gaga’s meat dress and I’m not a fan of this octo-weed smock either, it’s almost as if this lady wants people to think she washes her crotch with runoff water from Pike Place Market.

Yes, it’s true, this is an actual outfit, technically. It’s attention-seeking and impractical but was featured in a new exhibit in Berlin, created by a chef named Roland Trettl.

Wait, a chef made this? So it’s MEANT to be eaten. I wonder if they’ll eat the model too? I hear bones are useful in cooking because they highlight flavor and add texture. Mmmmmm.

Other cookable worn-delights included quail-egg necklaces, a salmon tank top, squid scarf, chocolate dress and a fish-skin mask.

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