Tyler, The Creator’s Millionth Offensive Rap/Rant

Hey MTV, the guy you gave the Best New Artist VMA to is a certifiable douchebag and I seriously question his validity and talent.

He wrote a song called “Bitch Suck Dick” where him and his equally down-syndromy friends talk about anal, poking eyelids, dick jewelry and punching women for “talkin’ shit.”

Everything this little cocksmith does is for shock value but the only thing shocking about his music is how bad and pointless it is…

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Best New Artist VMA Nominee Kreayshawn, Naked

The eccentric skater/rapper girl who sings “Gucci Gucci” and is a little reminiscent of M.I.A. mixed with Northern State and Ke$ha has naked pictures!

They were leaked onto the internet very recently.

I must say, she has more piercings than a kabob.

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