Billy Ray Cyrus Says Miley Is Having THREE Weddings

Today on The Miley Cyrus Show, Billy Ray shares details on Miley’s weddings. Paris Hilton has been known to have multiple birthday parties and polygamists have group marriages, but few venture into the triple wedding region.

Sadly Miley is not marrying both Chris and Liam Hemsworth, this isn’t Savages, and Thor’s hammer is stuck in foreign crevices.

“Now, the couple are going to have no less than three weddings,” Billy Ray told Us Weekly.

Details not known to dad: date of wedding, location, seating info and how his invitation suddenly got lost.

Back in September, Tennessee chipmunk Barbie, real name: Destiny Hope said, “I’m really excited to obviously get married, but I kind of already feel married.”  Continue reading “Billy Ray Cyrus Says Miley Is Having THREE Weddings”