Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [1-20-13]

Stan Musial black and whiteStan “The Man” Musial (R.I.P.) was the best, least showy hitter ever. (New York Times)

Bossy Barbara Walters is alert in hospital after falling and cutting her forehead. (Jezebel)

Manti Te’o first on-camera interview with Katie Couric will air Thursday. (TMZ)

No plea bargain for Lindsay Lohan could mean serious jail time. (Daily Mail)

Red 2 is all guns, explosions, Bruce Willis’ head, wisecracks and fogies. (ONTD!)

Accidental shootings at gun shows/purposeful shooting in NM. (USA Today/L.A. Times)

Eddie Cibrian sex can happen all day, whenever he whistles or points at LeAnn. (Evil Beet)

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [8-25-12]

Rest in peace, leap for mankind on the moon Neil Armstrong. (L.A. Times)

Jennie Garth and Luke Perry are working together… Again. [Evil Beet]

Thank you, Anna Faris, for NOT giving your newborn a crazy name. (E! Online)

Usher awarded primary custody of his sons over crazy Tameka Foster. (NME)

All the Kardashians (and Oprah) in a room: SO easy to mistake for a polygamist camp. (Celebuzz)

Paul Ryan refers to rape as “conception.” (Gawker)

13 celebs standing next to their inferior body doubles. (ONTD!)

Empire State Building bystanders accidentally shot by police. (Huffington Post)

The troops in Afghanistan are really bored. Mouth words to “Call Me Maybe.” (Washington Post)

Bow Wow is either gay, or a massive homophobe. Or both. (Hollywood Gossip)

Lady Gaga And Lykke Li, Tell The Difference

Twenty five year-old Swedish musician Lykke Li (full name Timotej Svensson Zachrisson) does not like being compared to Lady Gaga.

“There’s nothing about her music that touches me. I’d rather duet with Leonard Cohen. I like older music.”

She doesn’t seem like a fan of pop music at all so you’d have to assume she also wouldn’t like being compared to Lady G in the looks department. At times the two could not be more different. Gaga with her sequins and vapid pretentiousness in “Marry The Night” and Lykke Li with her arty witch mist in “I Follow Rivers.”  Continue reading “Lady Gaga And Lykke Li, Tell The Difference”

Tasya Van Ree Takes ‘Artistic’ Photos Of GF Amber Heard

Amber Heards horrendous Playboy Club show was cancelled after three episodes and she’s best known for roles as “the girlfriend” in Pineapple Express or “the zombie neighbor” in Zombieland. What else is she known for? Coming out in 2010.

Her girlfriend of four years is an established photographer named Tasya Van Ree, whose website is a mainly black and white scrapbook of skin, tattoos and more skin.

Photos of Ms. Heard taken by Ree may have made their way onto the internet, and since I never miss a chance to capitalize on the perverse nature of any “walk-in” (Google search) fans of The Twist, here they are. Or here’s two, I should say. The rest are completely normal. Actually, “normal” is up for interpretation, cause there’s one where she looks like Nick Cannon in Drumline
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Rihanna’s Naked Armani Bowl Haircut

Back in July it was announced that Rihanna would be the new face/body of Emporio Armani’s underwear line.

Now black and white photos have surfaced showing the Barbados pop star sporting a blonde bowl haircut/wig, and some very serious to sad facial expressions for the campaign…

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Creepy Lady Gaga Snuff Pictures (NSFW)

I mentioned previously in my Lady Gaga Is A Man (For Her “You & I” Single) article that matron monster had been in Japanese Vogue in 2009 where she debuted her male Pacino alter Jo Calderone…

Well now some very interesting outtakes from the photo shoot are being released.

And when you look at them, don’t worry, I also felt like I was being shown police evidence photos that once fell out of a sex offender’s “secret” album…

Ever hear that song, “Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage?” Well, this is more “Legal Lady G In A Hogtie.”

So, yes, no more delaying, here are some graphic pictures of Lady Gaga, there’s a shot of her balls, or proof of ball absence I guess, and also some Bisquick boobs…

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