BONGS AWAY: Amanda Bynes Charged With Reckless Endangerment

Amanda Bynes short hairAmanda Bynes has no hair, no sanity, and according to her, no bong.

After being arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and reckless endangerment for allegedly throwing a bong out the window of her Manhattan apartment, Bynes tweeted that she doesn’t do drugs at all.

“I only smoke tobacco I don’t drink or do drugs. I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get another nose job after seeing my mugshot,” she wrote.

Amanda showed up to court in a messy blonde wig looking like Smurfette after an incestual gangbang.

So… Her shopping list now includes a new bong, more rhinoplasty and a better toupee?  Continue reading “BONGS AWAY: Amanda Bynes Charged With Reckless Endangerment”

Video: Avril Lavigne – “Goodbye”

To watch the video “Goodbye” you have to go through the formalities of Avril saying bye to you, the fan. (Or person who is mildly interested)

She filmed the intro at Chateau Marmont, before the last show of her Black Star tour, on a bed and in a bath tub. Lingerie, champagne, blonde wig.  Continue reading “Video: Avril Lavigne – “Goodbye””