Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [8-27-12]

Fairy babies, incest, and exploding vamps. It’s the True Blood season 5 finale! (Rolling Stone)

Emma Stone gets futuristic in new photo shoot. (Interview Magazine)

Playboy playmate Sara Underwood films sexual Carl’s Jr. commercial. (G4)

Rosie O’Donnell secretly got married back in June. (People)

Here’s a picture of a moth that looks a heck of a lot like a poodle. (Grind Tv)

Frank Ocean will perform at MTV Video Music Awards. (Idolator)

The sole male Kardashian is flirting up a storm with Rihanna. (E! Online)

Piers Morgan almost punched by John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter. (Extra)

A million Princess Leias in one place. Of course it’s a Star Wars convention. (io9)

Lindsay Lohan may or may not have stolen a bunch of jewelry. (TMZ)

Kali Ma! Translation: Pass The Heart Cake, Please

UK baker Lily Vanilli has perfected a medically-realistic heart-shaped cake. It is made of red velvet sponge cake topped with raspberry and blackcurrant sauce and will have you running up to strangers chanting with your fist open in no time…

I shouldn’t admit this, but I have a bizarre affinity for sequels that nobody else likes. Return Of The Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie, I don’t mind David Fincher’s Alien 3, and I LOVE Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.  Continue reading “Kali Ma! Translation: Pass The Heart Cake, Please”

Octomom’s In A Horror Movie, And It’s Kinda About Her Life

Trainwreck/stomach alien Nadya Suleman is still filming her first movie called Millennium,” due in 2012 and laughably about a woman who is impregnated by a female demon.

So it’s biographical, except that it was probably just a regular demon that fertilized her with those 14 children. Here’s a synopsis:

“’Millennium’ is the story of two friends, a young woman and young man, who visit another young woman who they’ve met on the internet. Once they arrive at the woman’s remote house unexplainable things begin to happen.”

The role is sort of her second shot at “acting” now that I research her horrifying past I have found that she was in a homemade fetish video where she spanked a dude in a diaper. What’s that called again?

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