Ian Abercrombie Of Quirky Seinfeld Fame (September 11, 1934 – January 26, 2012)

The man whose character managed to stand out for his eccentricities on a show already centered around peculiar behavior passed away yesterday at age 77.

Ian Abercrombie was best known for his role as Elaine’s boss, Mr. Pitt, on Seinfeld. His candy bar-cutting technique was particularly memorable.

Besides his work with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the rest of the Larry David-born gang Abercrombie appeared in a wide range of projects.

Everything from TV (Days Of Our Lives, Wizards of Waverly Place) to voice work (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rango) to films like Sam Raimi’s cult classic, Army Of Darkness. 

His career spanned all the way back to 1965. No word yet on the cause of death.

Ed Helms Is The Official New ‘Office’ Boss

I have to admit, I don’t watch The Office,  and have no interest in watching it because I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m not “smart” enough, but to me the show is about as funny as watching kids drown.

Despite all that, I wanted to congratulate Ed Helms (The Hangover, Cedar Rapids) on landing the job as the coveted new boss.

His character, Andy Bernard, has been on NBC’s The Office since the third season, so he won’t likely have any issues finding his “groove” with the cast…

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