$250 Dollars For Rihanna’s Box

Ladies and Harry Winston blunt-rolling germs, save your silver dollars. A limited edition copy of Rihanna‘s new album is going to set you back.

While the standard and deluxe versions of Unapologeticout November 16, will cost a regular $13.99 and $17.26, the “Diamonds Executive Platinum Box,” will cost $250.

It comes with a t-shirt, lithographs, vinyl with remixes and the “Diamonds” single, a 40-page booklet of lyrics and other scribblings,  2GB flash drive, a ViewMaster stocked with previously unreleased photos, stickers, and a handwritten note from Ms. BarbadoClownTastic herself.

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Two Hobbits Boxing (Elijah Baggins Vs. Merry Monaghan)

Lord Of The Rings cast mates Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan squared off in a celebrity boxing match sponsored by the movie Knuckle during Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

In case you already thought this was the nerdiest thing fake boxing match you’ve ever heard of, Elijah insulted his real-life friend in between punches for being an avid World Of Warcraft fan!

Pink gloves? WoW? Hobbits? “Fantastic Fest?” A boxing “ring?” What could be better?…

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