Harry Styles Irons White Briefs in Gold Thong

Harry Styles Thong Against all odds – an enormous butterfly tattoo on the money-shot center of his chest, a third and fourth nipple and terrible acne – Harry Styles continues to be America’s adopted national treasure, capturing the attention of famous women like Emma Watson and Taylor Swift.

Oh, and you can add questionable taste in underwear to the list. Recently, an image of the British rose ironing his tighty-whities in a printed gold thong surfaced.

This unforgettable moment in time was captured in 2010 when Harry was just 16 and still competing on The X Factor. When I look at him, I think of the time I babysat a kid named Gabe, who must’ve been six at the time, and how I couldn’t get him to stop running down the street with no pants on.

I also need to know if he normally wears a thong under his briefs or if he just put it on so he could iron. (And if so, who gave it to him?)

Elvis’ Shit-Stained Briefs May Sell For Over $15,000

How much would you pay for a pair of used underwear complete with mysterious brown stains? Nothing, right? I mean, you’d pay someone $15,000 to get them away from your face huh?

Apparently, if it’s Elvis, a person’s views on soiled undergarments do a complete 180. Yep. Anything belonging to the king (of “pulling out”) who died on a throne (toilet) in 1977 goes for a high price.

This less-than-pristine article of clothing is expected to fetch £10,000 (around $15,800 American dollars) in a Greater Manchester auction of Presley’s personal items, including a Bible and some home movies.  Continue reading “Elvis’ Shit-Stained Briefs May Sell For Over $15,000”