Gossip Clown Beth Ditto Has A Makeup Line With MAC

Beth Ditto, frontwoman for the Northwest rock/electronic band Gossip (formerly The Gossip) has her own cosmetic line with MAC.

This is a woman who promotes a “healthy” body image to the point of it reminding me of fundamentalist Christians (though her girlfriend, Kristin Ogata, is pretty tiny).

She applies her own makeup like a traveling circus performer, eyebrows all thin and surprised like Mischa Barton after she left The O.C. and nobody called her.  Continue reading “Gossip Clown Beth Ditto Has A Makeup Line With MAC”

Is That You, Nicole Kidman??

Nicole Kidman went CRAZY Baywatch blonde for her upcoming role in The Paperboy, costarring Zac Efron, John Cusack and Matthew Mcconaughey. I wonder how long Nicole will keep that huge mop of yellow hair? Yikes. Maybe it’s a wig? I’m no expert. Somebody investigate this for me? Very Stepford Wife-y.

Oh here’s a synopsis of The Paperboy, from Publisher’s Weekly, in case you were wondering.

“Narrator Jack James is the son of the Moat County Tribune’s editor and publisher. While Jack’s older brother, Ward, reports for the Miami Times, Jack has settled for a job delivering papers for the Tribune. But when Ward and his partner, evil dandy Yardley Acheman, come to Moat County to investigate the four-year-old murder of the local sheriff, Jack assists them in the inquiry.”

Wait, what? I fell asleep reading that summary.