Porn Star Retires After Reading ‘The Power Of Now’

Bibi Jones, famous for her Hustler cover and dalliance with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, made a video announcing her retirement from her job as an adult entertainer.

“It hurts my family a lot, so I’m doing it for them, I’m doing it for me,” she says groggily. “I need to look at the big picture, and everyone knows that porn doesn’t last forever.”

She cites Eckhart Tolle’s Oprah-approved self-help book The Power Of Now as inspiration for her decision.

“It’s just one of those books that you have to read a page or two, and you have to fully let it soak in for awhile to really understand what Eckhart’s telling you.” Then she reads an excerpt (watch the video below).  Continue reading “Porn Star Retires After Reading ‘The Power Of Now’”