MTV Series Based On Horror Documentary ‘Catfish’ Debuts Nov. 12

In honor of Halloween, let’s talk about the movie CatfishThis was a horribly marketed “documentary” by Paranormal Activity 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman starring younger cinematographer bro Nev Schulman.

Horribly marketed because it was a horror movie in the way that Fatal Attraction or The Crying Game are. I don’t like false pretenses, especially when I’m shelling out $10.50 for said pretenses. (Spoiler ahead)…

Catfish was a decent movie in terms of tension but the “big scare” revolved around a slightly overweight older woman with red hair. Anyway, the new show (Catfish: The TV Show) by Ariel and Nev is coming soon to MTV and promises more unhealthy doses of reality.  Continue reading “MTV Series Based On Horror Documentary ‘Catfish’ Debuts Nov. 12”

Funny Video: ‘The Expendables’ Musical

I can’t that people actually liked The Expendables enough for there to be a sequel, but I can believe that there’s a musical parody that I’d rather watch over the original.

It was made by brothers Jon and Al Kaplan who created the Silence Of The Lambs musical (Silence!) off-Broadway in 2005, and the unforgettable viral hit Conan The Barbarian: The Musical.

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