Filthy Animal Justin Bieber Pees Wherever He Damn Well Pleases

justin bieber peeing in a bucketIf you didn’t already hate Justin Bieber then I guess nothing – not even a video of him peeing in a bucket inside a restaurant while his entourage laughs like they just saw Chris Rock at the Apollo – will change your mind.

Besides whizzing down the street and giving his neighbors all kinds of palpitations and high blood pressure, the Biebs apparently loves to whizz where’s he’s not supposed to.

On top of that, he disses Bill Clinton – pretty much the coolest president ever – for no apparent reason. On his way out of the “bathroom” (bucket), Justin sprays a picture of Bill with cleaning solution and says “f*ck Bill Clinton!”

JB’s just jealous because Bubba has more swag and intelligence than some Vanilla Ice wannabe with a 2-inch maple wiener.  Continue reading “Filthy Animal Justin Bieber Pees Wherever He Damn Well Pleases”

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